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The Difference Between Empaths, Psychics and Mediums. Not all Psychics are Mediums.

They aren't the same. Here's a simple breakdown:

An Empath is someone who can feel the emotions of others, called clairsentience. That's one of the 6 major clair abilities that 99% of empaths have. Not all Empaths are Mediums but all are Psychic to an extent.

Empaths can have more than one clair ability (clairvoyance - clear seeing, claircognizance - clear knowing, clairaudience - clear hearing, clairgustance - clear tasting and clairalience - clear smelling). Empaths can have all the clair abilities. Most have a blend of 3-4.

A Psychic is able to connect with other living people using their clair abilities. Just like empaths, some have a few claire abilities. Some have many. Even fewer have them all. They are able to connect with people inside our 3D dimension. Even distantly.

A psychic does not automatically have the gift of Mediumship. Communicating with Spirits in the 4-9D realms is an entirely different skillset. It takes years to hone Mediumship and usually requires an experienced mentor to do it safely, as dead energy is not always positive. One must first learn safe energy protection tools and techniques to stay safe and protected from dark entities.

People who "play" with Ouija boards are not Mediums. They are unskilled at connecting psychicly and often use "tools" to avoid developing discernment skills to make up for not having mental Mediumship abilities. This is very dangerous as it easily opens dark portals that then require an experienced professional Medium to close. Even then, sometimes the dark portals cannot be closed once opened.

Cards, pendulums and charms are also examples of tools. True Mediumship does not require ANY tools.Mediumship is the ability to communicate in real time with Spirits in the 4-9D realms. All Mediums have clair abilities. Most have 4-5 but all have 1-3. Mediumship is not sharing the Readers perspective but channeling messages from souls in Spirit.

A good Medium MUST be able to put their own beliefs and opinions aside.

Some Mediums are also Empaths.

Some Empaths are also Mediums.

Some Psychics are also Mediums.

Not all Empaths and Psychics are Mediums.

Any questions?

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