3 Month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development & Mentoring Program

3 Month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development & Mentoring Program

This 3 month Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development, Healing and Mentoring Program is my most comprehensive pagkage and includes TONS or resources and freebies.  This is for people ready to do deep soul work, healing, align with your purpose, let go of the excuses, grow, awaken, find and cultivate happiness and transcend into the best version of yourself. I partner with Dr. Kriste Sprague, Ph. D. (Dr of Transpersonal Counseling, Masters in Metaphysical Science, Certified Recovery Specialist & Happiness Coach at www.gatewaytohappy.com) to help support and guide people on their awakening, soul, healing, life purpose, empath or developing Lightworker journeys. We do deep soul diving using different modalities & a variety of our services. We have added MORE value to this special program!



*Bi-weekly 1:1 Soul Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides, Empath Discovery, Spirit Animal Discovery Sessions (45 mins each) every two weeks (total of 6 sessions) with international Healer and Spiritual Psychic Medium Christina Dawn Eagle: www.EagleMedicinePsychicReadings.com ($375 value)


*6 Bi-weekly "Soul Goals" with new goals and things to work on and practice every 2 weeks with Christina. Be ready to dive deep within your soul, be able to be brutally honest with yourself to transcend, grow and heal ($600 value)


*3 fifty minute Monthly Online Counseling (clients have option to increase to 6 bi weekly or 12 weekly) Sessions with Dr. Kristé Sprague, Ph.D. that include:

  1) Meet and Greet

  2) Discovering Your Life Purpose

  3) Dimensions of Wellness Assessment

  4) Goal Setting

  5) Breaking Though Internal and External Obstacles

  6) Motivation and Maintenance Design ($225-600 value)


*3 Monthly 30 minute Group Reiki Distant Healing Sessions with Reiki Master attuned to distant Healing with Christina Dawn Eagle. ($225 value)


*45 minute Reiki Master Distant Healing, Chakra/Aura Checkup & (if necessary) Cord Cutting Energy Session done with Zoom. Video session can be downloaded. ($144 value)


*Weekly email mentoring support for 16 weeks. ($360 value)


*Daily text mentoring support for 16 weeks. (via WhatsApp). ($600 value)


*FREE access to Dr. Kristé's "Gateway to Happy Online Step-by-Step Guide to Cultivating Happiness Course" www.gatewaytohappy.com to help find your purpose and cultivate more happiness in your life!:

    *UNIT 1: Awakening To My Life Purpose

     -Lesson 1: Design ~ Who am I?

     -Lesson 2: Passion ~ What motivated me?

     -Lesson 3: Experience ~ Life's prep school

     -Lesson 4: Calling ~ Serving the greater good

    *UNIT 2: Putting Purpose Into Action

     -Lesson 1: Life Balance Assessment

     -Lesson 2: Self-Care

     -Lesson 3: Setting Happiness Goals

     -Lesson 4: Motivation & Reward

     -Bonus Section: Identifying Obstacles($129 value)


*FREE download of Medium Christina's "How To Heal The Chakras Yourself (1-14) Packet full of TONS of healing resources for each chakra.


*FREE Access to Medium Christina's On-Demand Video Webinar: "Empowered Empath Healing Workshop" ($50 value)


*FREE Access to Medium Christina's On-Demand Video Webinar: "Complete Guide To The Chakras." ($27.77 value)


*FREE Access to our On-Demand Video Webinar: "Coronavirus - Choosing Love Over Fear" ($10 value)


*FREE download of Medium Christina's Chakra Healing Guided Meditation ($25 value)



SALE PRICE (save $1702): $1111


Weekly & monthly payment plans available: https://www.eaglemedicinepsychicreadings.com/plans-pricing




*If developing psychic/medium abilities, receive guidance & learn how to tap into & use your gifts.


*If Awakening, get plenty of Spiritual & counseling support & guidance.


*If trauma holds you back, gain tools to overcome & heal.


*If a budding Lightworker, figure out your purpose & how to get started.


*Non-judgemental support to overcome a blockage/challenge.


*For empaths in a narcissist relationship, become empowered.


*If you're discouraged & want to change everything receive guidance & insights to guide you.


*If you experienced childhood trauma, help, healing support & guidance.


*If you're a struggling Empath, learn to understand & use your gifts to become empowered.


*For Lightworkers starting a business, Learn how to get started and gain important tools for success. I'll share my secrets, you put in the work to get the results.


*Guidance & support If you had/have paranormal experiences & don't understand why or what it means.


*Help, support & tools for mediums struggling w/energy boundaries & how to protect it.


*Mentorship if you've been masking or trying to ignore your empath, psychic or mediumship abilities & are now ready to open.


*If it's been hard to meet life goals, get help & practice setting and successfully achieving them.


*If you're having a midlife crisis, what it means, support, guidance on what to do next.


*Help & support if you're stuck in an abusive or loveless relationship.


*Support & guidance if you're doing shadow work.


*Help if you're a hsp struggling with addiction or eating disorder to cope.


Booking first sessions for October. Before checkout please be sure to read Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings, LLC 's Code of Ethics, Service Terms, Scheduling Policy and Legal Disclaimer.

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Code of Ethics, Service Terms, Scheduling Policy and Legal Disclaimer
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