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Gift Certificates Limited Time 30% OFF!
  • Gift Certificates Limited Time 30% OFF!

    PriceFrom $45.50

    Give the gift of love, empowerment, healing, purpose and Spirit!


    *Psychic Readings

    *Angel Communication

    *Lightworker Discovery

    *Tarot/Oracle Readings

    *Empath Empowerment Coaching

    *Past Lives Discovery

    *Reiki Distant Healing

    *Chakra Health Checkup

    *Pet Communication and Mediumship


    Once I connect to someone's vibration with Spirit I get the same Messages, Spirit Guides, ancestors and details for people whether sessions are in person or remotely. I connect with departed loved ones and Spirit Guides on the other side. I also help people explore, use and trust their empath, intuitive and psychic gifts. Often during readings we touch upon soul lessons, relationships, life changes, reincarnation, chakra health and Spiritual awakening.


    *Please include the name and email address of the person receiving the Gift Certificate in the "notes" section before checkout, as well as any customized message you want me to include for them.


    *Person receiving the Gift Certificate will receive a customized email, as well as a brief explanation of my services when we schedule their appointment.




    *GIFT ONLY. Purchaser cannot use for self.


    *No refunds


    *Valid for ONE YEAR from date of purchase

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