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New Moon In Capricorn: Upheaval, Transformation and Find Your Roots

This past year has been a tough one. Once huge cycle came to an end, and this is the first lunar cycle of 2021. New Moons are good times for new beginnings. Often those new beginning only happen after we've progressed through the lesson of the last cycle. This New Moon in Capricorn brings with it a lot of transformational energy. It's a perfect time to set new things in motion. Be mindful of what it is you are setting in motion because we are all learning the same time as a collective.

Transformation: The moon is now conjunct with Pluto, the planet of transformation. Pluto helps us with energy that powerfully transforms our lives. This energy also makes the trauma in the collective much more apparent. It’s helping to show us where people are really hurting and helps us see collectively, not just individually. It stirs up the past but also helps guide us to reflect on how far we’ve come. Acknowledging, allowing and moving WITH this energy instead of resisting it will help usher in more positive transformation. Resisting Pluto’s influence will usher in more pain and fear. The journey may be challenging, but if we look at it from a collective perspective we can make the most of this energy and use it in positive ways.

Shifting priorities: This new moon falls at 23 degrees, which represents the sensitivity in our cosmic skies. This invites us to look at the challenges of the last 12 months with empathy and compassion. Many are doing deep reevaluation of who they want to BE moving forward. Unlearning old, outdated, archaic beliefs along the way. To make the most positive use of this energy, when setting intentions do so from a new place of inner knowing, which is the result of honest, deep self reflection. Not being deliberate and intentional about using this energy in positive ways will result in reverting back to old ways. The “old” may not feel right but some will be more comfortable with the same old same old than the change due to fear.

True colors revealed: Following the New Moon on January 14th, Uranus, the planet of awakening, turns direct further enhancing its energetic effects. This will further reveal challenges, particularly anything unresolved that was stirred up in August 2020 when Uranus first went retrograde. Much more truth will be revealed for all of us to see. It will be hard to continue ignoring the elephant in the room because it’s all being clearly revealed. Pluto is giving us all a reality check. Moving with the energy will bring growth, understanding and more authenticity. Moving against or resisting this will bring stagnancy, intentional deception and toxicity instead of accepting, learning from the truth and moving forward.

Start over or try again: This New Moon offers lots of motivational energy that can inspire us to tackle very challenging tasks. There is lots of cosmic support, so this is a perfect time to reevaluate and have another go at it. Saturn and Uranus are now in Aquarius. This brings energy focused on the future. To get there in the most positive way we must first get through the big challenges and lessons from the past. Ignoring and giving up on conquering those challenges may deny you the experience of moving with this futuristic Aquarius energy in a positive way. Capricorn is symbolized by a sea-goat. It’s a mythical creature whose top is goat and the bottom is a fish fin. This is a creature that has two seemingly opposite expressions. One that climbs and one that swims. The sea-goat reminds us to be steadfast, to climb like a goat and at the same time go with the flow of life and stay connected to the divine. When we get to this point of balance, we are meeting the sweet spot of Capricorn.

Volatile, triggering energy: This is brought on by the dwarf planet Eris, the Goddess of Discord and Strife which is in a tense 90 degree square off with this New Moon. When you are knocked off balance pay attention to what the triggers show you. These triggers will be experienced individually, collectively and politically. Thinking more collectively as we learn what the triggers are showing us will bring more clarity and help usher in a new time or calm. But only if we listen and learn from what the triggers show us about ourselves, individually and collectively. Dealing with the triggers by hiding away and denying the feelings doesn’t help one grow. It keeps one stuck in old patterns. The triggers are the guides, but one must courageously acknowledge the problems to move forward.

Upheaval, shock and restlessness: This New Moon is tightly conjunct Pluto and tightly square Eris, which triggers the ongoing Eris-Pluto square. When Eris was discovered, she demoted Pluto, rendering him no longer a planet in the eyes of astronomers. This is why Eris brings out those who have abused and subsequently lose their powers. The resulting upheaval, shock and restlessness will be challenging for the collective. Tapping into the grounding energy of Capricorn will serve us well here. Unplug. Find your inner balance in nature. Put your feet in the grass. Move and feel your body. Feel the sun on your face and the breeze blowing by. You are alive. Be thankful for all the little things and re-find your center. A center away from the upheaval and the collective buzz. Channel the energy of upheaval towards re-finding a new center. The old center is gone. Get very and clear and deliberate about who you want to be moving forward. Try to find the Phoenix rising from all that is burning down around. We are rebuilding a new earth from ashes. One with truth exposed. Remember how your priorities shifted. Learn from the past traumas or stay in an endless state of upheaval.

Accountability for abuses of power: As far as accountability for those in power, the shadow side of Pluto plays a role here. Those who have abused power will resort to the shadow aspects of Pluto: power hungriness, pain and fear. This will stirred up to try to avoid the inevitable, so the collective will have to deal with a great deal of negative energy. Those who abused power still cannot let go of power hungry urges. While watching the chaos from time to take a step back. Ground yourself. Remember how your priorities shifted. Amidst the chaos create a peaceful moment, watch and see who/what's being revealed. See who shows true colors that surprise you. Step back from the chaos and rethink. Every day is a choice to either feed the chaotic energy of power hungry urges, or to feed what you more intentionally now want to create. This Buddha quote should be considered, “What we think we become."

Push-pull between opposing forces: Eris and Pluto are deeply feeding the energy of division. Pouring gasoline on a roaring fire whenever possible. The cause of this strife is ALL deeply rooted in the past. Some on each side are only able to see what they want to because they aren’t remembering what they learned about new priorities in 2020. These forces have been at opposition energetically longer than one could imagine. When they spiral out of control all that’s left is ashes. Appeasing this energetic imbalance will require shifting from aggressive push pull of the opposing ends to accepting a less tumultuous center. Essentially let go of the rubber band of strife and separation and let it snap. Reverting back to the past will once again bring back the tumultuous cycle until we learn the lesson. You can choose to pull on the rubber band of opposing forces of power, watch who pulls it, stir up the energy of chaos, help

those caught in the middle or create solutions in the center.

Before you get too stressed out ground and humbly remember you’re flying through space on a rock surrounded by 2 trillion + GALAXIES.

Reconnect to the Earth and your roots: Once again, the grounding energy of Capricorn is here to assist us! If you live rurally or near a park, get out in nature. Even if it’s just 15 minutes a day sitting in the sun. Pay attention to which way the wind and clouds are blowing. Listen for the birds. What can you smell? What kind of trees or plant life are around you? When was the last time you smelled a flower? Planted a seed? Watered a garden? Do you know where your food is grown? Where is your water? What birds and critters migrate through each season? When was the last time you made a snow angel? If you live in an urban area, listen to nature sounds, take grounding salt baths, meditate, exercise outside and make a deliberate effort to tune in to what you see, hear, smell and feel. Return to your center.

If you could never feel, smell or experience any of the Circle of Life again what would you miss most? Priorities are shifting. Take a moment to look at your life. Reach into your heart. See the Truth of your reality. Dig deep to get to the root of fear. Acknowledge what needs to change.

Also connect to your ancestral roots. Reflect on how far you’ve come. For your ancestors. A great time to research your family tree or play around on one of the genealogy websites. Remember you’re here through them. Each generation tries to extend their lessons to the next. Some may not feel a soul connection to blood family and instead deliberately choose a new soul tribe. If you didn’t come from strong blood roots you’re here to make new roots.

Laying foundations for a better future: This is once again a time of new foundations. 2020 was a roller coaster that’s been difficult for many. The transformational effects from Pluto are assisting us here. For that reason what is focused on will manifest quicker and more easily. Put this to constructive, productive use. It would be good to also ask, does a “better future” mean something a little different than it used to?

Changing of old ways moving forward: During this cycle what is set in motion will be harder to change, so being extra careful about what you feed with your energy. There are many people who fear change. Some cannot move forward. Don’t let their chaos and upheaval take over your center. You can still move forward. Everyone has a choice.

~Christina Dawn Eagle

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