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What is Alignment?

I recently had a friend ask me to explain "alignment." I felt guided to share how I perceive the definition and would appreciate your thoughts!

There is a Spiritual aspect involved. How one perceives their sacred truth doesn't matter. Just that one explores and finds something that matches their sacred truth and feels good in their heart.

At it's core, at it's best is a belief that we all have a purpose. Many spend a lifetime chasing it. As an individual, alignment starts WITHIN by embracing and doing our own healing. Not running, ignoring or deflecting it. Embrace the pain and do the painful shadow work until one's yin/yang, soft/strong, male/female, dark/light are not fighting so hard to survive and find a peaceful truce. An acceptance. Awareness. A perfect balance between one's Spirit, Mind and Body.

No aspects can be discounted. Heal the wounded inner child. Face addiction problems. Stop escaping and sit with it all. Identify any self sabotaging demons or untruths with crystal clear, honest, humble self awareness. Recognize and learn more about the ego and shift towards alignment with the soul. If one is not aligned within it creates misalignment in other areas.

Perfect alignment also includes creating balance with the earth and our environment. Not taking more than can be restored. Being mindful to reciprocate and replenish what we take from her.

Alignment also includes the law of attraction. A belief that we are co-creators of our life, starting with our thoughts. And that we attract our experiences vibrationally. Not as punishment, but to give us precisely what we need to grow on a soul level.

Ideal alignment is when ones beliefs, thoughts, inner emotional state, life purpose, work we do, how we live, what we say, how we're perceived and what we're most passionate about are all the same vibration. None oppose the other. Many people give up on shadow work or skip it because it sucks. That doesn't work. It just makes old cycles keep repeating until one eventually realizes the only way out is through.

Some people make their whole life purpose about alignment with money, and that's fine. It works. But also indicates they are a younger soul and have not progressed to the soul growth level.

When one purposefully aligns everything, including their soul, money effortlessly flows in with love.

~Christina Dawn Eagle

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