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New Moon In Virgo with Mars in Retrograde in Aries

This new September 17th 2020 Virgo New Moon brings us desperately needed grounding and healing energy. Boy do we need it after the last few months of intensity! All the fire from Leo season stirred the pot and Mars retrograde in Aries just turned up the heat.

The good energy Virgo and Mars retrograde in Aries brings this month is strong leadership, courage, increased productivity, motivational intensity, taking concrete positive action, ignoring the naysayers, doubters and gossipers, manifesting effortlessly, making BOLD life changing decisions that more suit your soul, newfound understanding of your purpose and a willingness to go after it.

Some difficult symptoms some may experience if still releasing old energy includes flared tempers, frozen by fears, misinterpreting intentions, overreacting, indecision, high anxiety, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, being too bossy or demanding and acting out of ego. Observe and learn from your responses and emotions. They must move through you and to let them go you must understand how they are self sabotaging and no longer serving you.

Thank God for Virgo's practical grounding and healing energy. Use this energy to snap yourself out of repetitive insecure thinking and take a break to just BE. You don't have to do it all today. Take this manifesting energy to make a vision board. Think about what would make your SOUL happy and focus on creating that. Virgo is more methodical than Aries so the two energies are a powerhouse for covering all the bases required for growth, healing and manifesting living your life purpose. First you envision it. Then you manifest it.

This month rational Virgo will help calm the intensity of any remaining uncomfortable Mars retrograde in Aries symptoms. But it won't just happen "to you." We must be actively self aware participants in our healing, self care, grounding and manifesting our purpose. - Christina Dawn Eagle

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