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Into The Light And Back - A Near Death Experience

This is a very personal story of a Near Death Experience I had in 2015. It transcends time, space and dimensions. Before I tell the whole story I first want to share a vivid recurring dream I began having a month before the accident. In the dream I was in some kind of major accident. As I tried to recall the dream I could never see how the accident happened. All I could see was being immersed in a giant flash of white light and then being in a place that felt like heaven made of Light. In the dream when I realized I was in heaven I was very angry. I thought this meant I had died. I was so upset I started yelling at God for taking me. As I pumped my fists in the air as red, orange and yellow waves of light moved through me.

I had not been the best mother and person up to that point and only recently had I begun to make some critical changes to take a better path. I had so much regret and begged for a chance to do right by my daughters. In my dream I screamed, “After all that I’d overcome, NOW you are going to take me!?” After this anger moved through me like a flaming red wave I became consumed with deep sadness as I realized I’d never be able to physically hug or touch my daughters again. This caused me to drop to my knees and cry with deep sorrow. I sat there melted in a heap. I needed to go back. My soul journey was not complete. I could not yet stay the Light I pleaded! Then my grandfather approached me, put his hand on my shoulder and said, “I am with you when this happens, and you will survive. You will not need to cry out for me, I am already there.”

The dream always left me deeply shaken. I was left with an eerie sense of impending doom. I took care to try and not place myself in any dangerous situations. I thought a lot about how I would be doing things differently from now on. I felt like the time was now or never to begin living a higher vibration life. At this time I began making more changes to help raise my Spirit, Mind and Body Vibration. I thought I could avoid that destiny if I was careful enough and did it right “this time.”

Being in the Light was like being in another dimension. It has been hard at times to find the words for this experience so I will do my best to explain things in a way that makes sense while explaining things on an energetic level.

I found out June 22,2015 that what is meant to be will be when I fell asleep at the wheel and hit an 18 wheeler head on at 55mph. The accident happened at 2:30 in the afternoon on a Monday. I’d just left work and was headed to a Dr.’s appointment for a sore shoulder. I had been working long 50 hour weeks hoping to get ahead financially and it was wearing on me physically. I remember nodding off and falling asleep for a second and then opening my eyes to find myself headed straight for the truck. I tried to pull away but there was no time. The passing of time immediately before and during the impact is also somewhat distorted and foggy. Right at the point of impact the vehicle filled with a flash of white light. At this point I left my body and traveled down what looked like a blackhole through space. I saw lights all around me as I travelled down this tunnel. I heard what sounded and felt like 10 of the most beautiful songs playing simultaneously by a heavenly orchestra. It was the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard. The vibration of the sounds penetrated my being with Light, color and sound.

As I whooshed through this tunnel at what felt like the speed of light, I saw my chakra’s filling with these bright colors. When I had stopped moving I found myself in what I describe as a White Light Spirit Room. It was all white and seemed like somehow it was floating in the clouds yet it had walls. The walls were all white and in the room were four big comfortable white couches placed in a square facing each other in the center. I went over to the couches, and what I saw amazed me. I was greeted by my departed maternal grandparents, my biological father whom I’d never met, a boyfriend who committed suicide a son that we lost together, my father in law, Archangel Michael and two of my Spirit Guides.

As I sat down on the white couches I began to notice beautifully colored sparkling orbs of light everywhere. I also saw a beautiful radiant, sparkling white and green light filling the space. When this light engulfed me I was filled with great peace. I spoke to my dad first. I knew it was him because he was tall, looked like me and we had the same green eyes.

The conversation I had with my dad in that White Light Spirit Room is the one I remember the clearest. I never met him here on the earth plane. He was not present at any point in my life and this lack of a relationship had caused me great pain. As a child I ached for and desperately needed someone to protect me. My father's absence had wounded me deeply and caused me to walk forward with feelings of anger, unworthiness and worthlessness. I had become angry and disheartened with the world because of his absence. When I met him for the first time in this sacred space he held my hands and looked deep into my eyes. When he looked into my eyes he conveyed a vision to me that I saw as clear as a movie playing on a screen. He showed me a view of the earth from above looking down. The two of us were side by side floating over the earth, looking down at it from above. When I looked down at the earth, I saw two black specks moving around the globe. He said this was us in the past moving through our lives over the years as these black specks. We were always moving around seeking each other but never touching physically. I watched our black specks keep moving around the globe as we did during our lives. Seeing this play out again for me was filling me with great sadness as I recalled the experiences again from childhood.

My eyes filled with tears but then Dad asked me to look deeper. He showed me that while moving through our lives we were each emitting chakra colored sparks of light energy as we moved around the earth. Every tear, longing, and heartache was leaving an energetic footprint and was released into the atmosphere of our collective conscience. I saw them as chakra colored sparks getting released from each of us and drifting around and collecting as they formed beautiful intertwining clouds. He showed me him passing through life on a Navy ship, shedding tears, always moving, always longing, always wondering where I was and if I was okay matched by my moving around to different households longing for his Love. As he drifted he was emitting his own chakra sparks. He showed me that the colorful sparks of light we were sending off were the expressions and manifestations of our love, tears and longing for each other we’d released into the universe throughout our lives. It was our collective consciousness.

These beautiful lights didn’t burn out! They stayed bright and this collective energy floated gently up into the atmosphere in beautiful flowing streams where all the sparks of light met lovingly and danced lovingly at the top of the earth. Every frequency we transmit including love, longing and anger resonates and is absorbed into the collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is directly linked to Spirit where nothing is lost and nothing is wasted.

When my father got to Heaven, he received all the energetic manifestations of our Love that we had created for each other throughout our lifetimes. It was as if each emotional expression we had for each other was written on a message, tucked in a bottle and tossed in the ocean. For 45 years they floated around and when my Dad got to heaven he received and got to open and read every message from every bottle.

Every thought, tear and longing we have is released into the collective consciousness, with Spirit in the center. We can also call these energetic expressions prayers or intentions. It can also be partially explained by the Law of Attraction. As my dad showed me all this, I immediately began to feel myself becoming deeply healed on an emotional, physical and energetic level. I saw my chest filling with pure lime green heart chakra love. All the longing and aching for his love over my lifetime was healed and fulfilled on a soul level in this Light. As he had received all my prayers and intentions for him as he entered the Light, he was now giving me his conscious memory experiences of his longing for me. All the colorful energetic sparks he had generated for me over his lifetime were now filling my being.

As this happened feelings from my consciousness around anger, unworthiness, sadness and not being good enough began dissipating to be replaced with feelings of love, understanding, consciousness and awareness. As we sat I became engulfed with the beautiful white and green lights that felt like pure unconditional Love. This healing energy completely engulfed me and I felt like I was breathing in all the lost love I had ached for my whole life. I was overcome with emotion and had difficulty processing all that I was feeling as my consciousness expanded as this green healing infinite love energy filled my being. I felt deep love emanating through me from my loved ones and guides in the form of light. In this place I experienced a powerful Spiritual Healing.

Before I left I met with all the entities in that Sacred Space and had a powerful healing experience with each one. After many years of pain I had come to understand a lifetime of lessons. I understood that the pains as well as the joy’s provided rich soul experiences for the growth of my consciousness. This consciousness is eternal.

I remembered my children and realized I had to go back. I wanted to go back. I needed to go back. Soon after I found myself traveling back down the same light tunnel at lightspeed that I had arrived through. When I stopped moving I became conscious of my body again and was experiencing the white flash that I’d seen in the dream a month before.

I suddenly heard the crashing and felt the physical impact. I felt and saw what seemed like large hands made of Light surrounding my head and torso protecting me from the collision. I knew my grandfather was with me just as he’d told me he would be. I could tell the EMT’s thought I was bleeding from internal injuries based on the speed of impact and damage to my totalled vehicle. Even though I knew my physical injuries were great and the EMT’s wanted to lifeflight me to Bangor I knew I would be okay. My grandfather had promised me it would be so. This knowing was what helped keep me calm so they could cut me from the vehicle.

After the accident I found an interesting time and space gap that I still cannot explain. The last thing I remembered was driving in Trenton on Rt 1A near the airport. That’s where I thought the accident happened. The impact however occurred 20 minutes up the road. I only learned this when I called the Fire Department a week later to ask where my totalled car had been towed. They informed me there wasn’t an accident in Trenton that day. I then discovered that somehow my car traveled 20 minutes further with me having no memory of it. I cannot explain how this time gap happened, or how my car got to North Ellsworth, but I am thankful that the site of impact was in a place where no one else was hurt or injured.

Coming back from that experience left me with a lot to process. I have come to realize that this experience was a journey my Soul chose long ago and I was intended to take. We can always make the decision to turn our life around, close one door, and walk through the next. It took me many months to integrate the lessons I learned from the Spiritual healing I received in the Light. It was hard to begin deprogramming my old lower vibrational bitter responses, and at times it felt like dialysis.

Healing doesn’t always feel rosy and wonderful. As we explore deeper truths about ourselves we may come across things we really don’t like. Increased self-awareness doesn’t always feel great at the beginning. It can be painful. Yet facing these things is how we transcend. We all have the power to change and evolve into a path of higher consciousness, love and healing at any time.

Here at Earth School many of us at some point also have difficult relationship experiences with love, often related to loss. These experiences can hurt very deeply and we all know heartbreak is a difficult lesson. When we feel depleted of Love we can feel far more anxiety, stress, pain, and Spiritual disconnect. It affects our frequency as we send off the same vibrational frequency we are experiencing in our consciousness.

Some of us are aware that parts of us all are already made of Light. We call them our chakras, auras, prana or chi. This belief has been around for thousands of years.

With practice we may develop the ability to see these energies here on the earth plane. I am here to share that these energy centers are very real and are the true Spiritual center of our existence.

When I was in “the Light” I saw a world made of Love, Light and Sacred energy. The heart chakra especially is a very powerful one. This is where the energy of love enters our system on a physical and Spiritual level. It is sometimes called the seat of the Soul. This chakra is where we can physically feel the pulls and tugs of how love has influenced us. The color of a healthy heart chakra is a beautiful emerald/lime green color. Some can see this green energy in and around people’s energy fields. We all have the ability to see this but not all of us tap into it.

As this energy ebbs and flows it can cause physical sensations and a wide range of emotions. It can affect our thoughts, behaviors and attitude. The frequency of our love experiences helps determine the health and balance of our heart chakra. Our body is a physical representation of our energy centers. When our chakras aren’t aligned, it can cause physical issues in the body and affect our mind. The heart chakra is also called the “Seat of the Soul” as this is the place where we integrate our experience and understanding of Universal Love into our daily life.

Painful experiences around love can cause us to pull back and create barriers. I was raised in an environment where unconditional love wasn’t present and was a foreign concept. A difficult childhood and abusive marriage left me at the point where I felt like I had given far too much and received nothing in return from Love except for pain. I had become a discouraged person who stopped believing in the power of love. I had not received much so I had stopped sending it out to the Universe. I certainly did not believe in Spiritual healing. That was my experience before the NDE.

After the experience I became fully dedicated to raising my Spirit, Mind and Body vibrations. I found meditation, psychic art, chakra healing and self-compassion helpful. It is one thing to know about something, it is another to integrate those lessons we learn to change our behavior. Our behavior is a great part of the frequency we send out into the world and universe. We are all works in progress at different stages of healing and consciousness.

Many achieve higher Spiritual consciousness here on the earth plane and others have this powerful experience for the first time going into the Light. The healing light energy frequency that I saw and experienced in the Light for the first time is the same light healing light energy present in our chakras and auras. We don’t need to cross over to experience it. In this Light is the power to heal all wounds. We can all tap into this healing frequency through our hearts, intentions, meditation, prayers, Reiki and Spiritual healing. Some of us who do this work call ourselves Lightworkers. To be a Lightworker means to be attuned to these healing frequencies that run throughout the universe.

Today I can thank the difficult life experiences for putting me on my true life Soul path. I walk forward much slower as a result of the physical injuries I received during the NDE experience car accident but I am not disheartened! Without the pain I wouldn't have had such a Soul healing experience in the Light, wouldn’t have accepted my Mediumship and wouldn’t be so passionate about the power of Love, Light and Spiritual healing.

Looking back I realize I could not have arrived at this destiny any other way. While I was in that Sacred White Light space I experienced Spirit, Mind and Body healing that melted away a lifetime of pain. All the pain we suffer can be healed in the Light with Love, Understanding and Enlightenment. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. The even better news is that we do not have to pass on to experience these frequencies! We may expand our vibrations to experience expanded consciousness and Spiritual soul healing here on the earth plane.

This healing Light extends interconnectedly throughout the Universe, Heavens, Mother Earth and into our souls, chakras and physical bodies. We are all interconnected to this sacred energy as beings of Light. We are not human beings having a soul experience, we are Spiritual beings having a human experience. Nothing is lost, nothing is wasted. Most of all, Love.

~Christina Dawn Eagle

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