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Inhale the Love Exhale the Punches

Younger me literally did smack a LOT of the things. I used to think I was in my power when I was fighting and aggressive. It was rooted in my not feeling safe and out of control during a lot of trauma.

I started learning a different lesson in TaeKwanDo. When I got angry I got sloppy, let my guard down and usually got hit in the head a lot more (we wore headgear and padding) and would lose the match.

It finally sunk in for good about 6 yrs ago when somebody cut me off and flipped me off. I got out of my car with a broken leg and went up to her open car door and lost my shit. A lot of Mainers call Massachusetts people Massholes. People drive half the speed here. It's like a root canal for me to get behind someone going 15 in a 40 mph zone. That day I almost put hands on her. She was scared.

Then all of a sudden it was like older me took a step back from younger me's body and said, "Look around the parking lot. Look what a scene you've made. Was it worth losing your centeredness to assert and show her you won't be treated that way? You lost control. Period. It doesn't matter if she was wrong. You still look like the asshole."

I gathered myself, limped back to my car and told myself never again would I give someone else that much power over my response just for being a douche bag. Even if they were REALLY being a douche bag.

Being a Lightworker doesn't mean we don't get affected by the world, people and energies around us. What we have perfect control over is how we respond. Our response determines our manifested vibration. When we respond in fear, we become fear. When we respond in anger, we become anger. Etc, etc. Pick your lane wisely. And take TaeKwanDo or get a punching bag.

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