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Full Blue Moon in Taurus Energy Report

Having two full moons in one month is why it's called a Blue Moon. This intensifies the potential and opportunities for releasing anything that no longer serves. As it falls on Halloween this year, a time when the veil between dimensions is thinner, this releasing energy is more emotionally intensified. It can work with us or against us depending on how intentional we are during this energetic window of opportunity. I would like to highlight 12 major themes that this Blue Moon further intensifies:

Awakening intensified: Uranus is the planet associated with Spiritual awakening. This energy will either lead or drag us where our soul needs to go. Being aware of this intense energy can help us more deliberately participate in our own Spiritual growth. I personally prefer to lead then to be dragged, but the choice is always ours as we all have free will.

Strong mood influences: With the moon and Uranus conjunct emotions are heightened. This means both positive and negative emotions. So before acting take time to tune in to your emotions and see what they are showing you. If you've been stuffing anything you don't want to feel this Moon will likely bring them back to the surface creating an opportunity for more self awareness and healing.

More illumination of Truth: All things Subconscious in our minds, or red flags we've been seeing and possibly ignoring will be brought to the surface with clarity. Trust what you see and don't unsee things that are revealed that the Universe wants you to know.

Shocking news often revealed: This is also a result of the moon being conjunct with Uranus. Again, things will come to the surface emotionally that you or perhaps others have been keeping private or even hiding. This doesn't mean the shocking news will be bad, it just means be ready to see or hear things you hadn't expected.

Heightened emotions and volatility: With Mercury is still in retrograde anything we may have missed the first time will again come to the surface. This moon is also called a micromoon, which means it's furthest from earth. Micro Moons are known for heightening emotions that are meant to teach us things about our soul. The volatility comes will make it harder to keep stuffing things that we may not have fully processed yet. Be aware that this increased sensitivity won't last long so try to learn the most from it.

Veil between the Spirit realm is thinner: For many years in Western Europe and North America Halloween has been known as a time when the barriers between worlds are thinnest. The Aztecs celebrated this day as the "Day of The Dead" which is still celebrated in Mexico and Central America. The fact that various cultures around the globe have the same views indicates it's been experienced by many. This is a time when any loved ones you lost may try to connect with a message. Don't fear it, embrace the opportunity to communicate in whatever form they present.

Easier access to higher dimensions: Not only is this moon heightening the connection to the Spirit world, or what many cultures consider"Heaven" but it's also easier to access more dimensions. There are many different forms of life that exist between the 4th and 9th dimensions. If you are a Starseed or have a galactic connection to the Pleiadians, Arcturians, Sirians or others this moon creates an opportunity to tap into what it is they want to teach us. This can be achieved through meditation, prayer, dreams or random downloads. Don't be afraid, their messages will bring your soul wisdom.

Strong potential for personal growth: The combination of heightened emotions, opportunities to learn more soul lessons through Subconscious emotions, receiving more intuitive insights or downloads from our Spirit Guides, Angels and Starseed friends, heightened awareness of higher consciousness and our higher selves and the illumination of truth together make this an amazing opportunity to put it all together and gain great of insights about ourselves with lots of help from our Spirit Guides and Starseed friends.

Spotlight on healing, death and rebirth: As the veil is thinner between us and our ancestors many will see and experience that physical death is not an ending but instead a new beginning. Be deliberate about taking time to acknowledge any symbolic “deaths” in your life. Know that when one door closes another will open. If you have been mourning the symbolic death of anything, turn your focus and intentions on what you have hope to rebirth from that experience. If a project or opportunity you wanted didn't manifest the way you wanted instead of thinking it was a failure take it instead as a redirect from the Universe. 2020 has been a rough year. Many have experienced the death of what we thought things and life would be. Honor what matters most to you. Acknowledge and look at any life changes, such as career, relationships or living situation and ask yourself, "What is meant to replace what was lost? Was what I lost truly part of my soul journey?" Be proactive and open to re-prioritizing things. If you lost a job, turn your thoughts to what IS a better fit for you. The Universe has a way of helping guide us by removing things we may have unhealthy ego attachments to.

Release old emotions no longer serving: In order to release the sting of what the heightened emotions show us we must process them to move through and fully release them. After introspection and processing, I suggest writing down any old emotions you're ready to fully release on paper and burning it. A symbolic action that affirms to God/the Universe that you're listening, learning and ready to move forward in better alignment.

Intentionally establish internal harmony: All of this may have us feeling off center. Instead of numbing find positive ways to reestablish your inner balance. Find healthy ways to create harmony within independent of other people’s stage or growth or awareness. Don't attach your harmony to what anyone else does. Intentionally create that from within.

Subconscious triggers brought to the surface: We are unknowingly led. by our subconscious until it's made conscious. The triggers are the guides that show you what inner healing work still needs to be done. Other people only make us feel triggered until we realize that our emotional responses are something we can be more in control of once aware. Instead of saying "I wish they wouldn't trigger me" ask yourself "What unhealed part of me is allowing them to trigger me?" There you find tremendous personal growth, healing, understanding and self awareness.

Happy Full Moon and I hope you make the best of these Universal energies to assist your soul growth!

~Christina Dawn Eagle

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