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Which is More Important: Being "Liked" or Staying True to Yourself?

Honest question. Which is more important to you?

We live in a world highly driven and influenced by likes and follows. That's where many seek acceptance and validation. While in this emotional trap many choose popularity and "acceptance" over truth and are terrified of rocking the boat for fear of retribution and being outcast from an egocentric hologram of influence and power.

Ego vs Soul

For me, staying true to myself means being of service to humanity while staying true to Spirit. Service to God and humanity, not popular opinion.

Each day I humbly ask Spirit to guide my words, actions and use me in the most impactful way to help the collective consciousness of humanity.

I take this very seriously. When we leave our bodies and enter the Spirit realm what we take with us is not Instagram pages, followers, bank accounts, titles, or popularity circles. Our soul does. And this is what God sees.

Being "popular" is an illusion. Looking back, all the "popular" kids I went to High School with that I longed to be accepted by were egotistical narcissists who used their "popularity" status to boost their ego. Creating more division. Minimizing anyone who didn't fit that stereotype. Dismissing people, their uniqueness and gifts without a second thought. This culture carries into adulthood, it simply changes forms. Often the new forms are even more insidious.

One of the most "popular" kids in my High School was a tyrant. He regularly went out of his way to target and corner me to rip me apart with insults and threats. At 17 I wondered what was wrong with me. In the spring of 1989 Dean Keeler died in his driveway with a hole in his chest after blowing up a pipe bomb he was making to put in someone's locker. That locker could have been mine. I saw it coming but the established center of power wouldn't have heard me.

Staying true to oneself often triggers others. Not because you're wrong but because you stirred up something unhealed in them. Learning to not react & step back to let them process THEIR triggers helps us return to our center. Other people’s triggers are not your problem to fix.

Remaining loyal to "popular" crowds is like filtering one's own soul values and perceptions through a hologram. It's a soul trap.

Are you loyal to popularity or loyal to your soul? Because God's watching.

~Christina Dawn Eagle

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