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Walking Against the Crowd is Often How We Run Into Our Soul Family

Let's start the weekend off with a discussion about going "against the crowd."

It's human nature to want acceptance, approval and support from a social circle. We all love a safe comfort zone from time to time.

How do you feel when someone in your "circle" begins telling you and others that you need to tone down your magic af self? Or behind your back they talk s%*÷ because they haven't grown like you? Spoiler alert: It's not about you, it's about their discomfort and level of perception..

The separation usually becomes more apparent while our views are changing and we take new action around things like:

*Civil rights activism

*Sexual identity


*The perception of vaccines and their use

*Speaking out against injustices

*Is covid-19 real

*Addiction recovery

*Helping vs enabling people

*Perception of the black lives matter movement

*Perception of the blue lives matter movement

*Perceptions of the lgbtq community

*Perceptions about parenting

*New Spiritual beliefs and perception of one's connection to God/Source/The Great Spirit/Allah, etc

*Interest in and tolerance for engaging in racist white supremacist conversations (covert or overt)

*Interest in participating in conversations supporting hateful, violent conspiracy theories

*Level of interest and activism around police brutality against black and brown people

*Level of interest and activism to protect Indigenous Land from being poisoned and sacred lands desecrated by oil companies

*Level of perception around pedophelia, where the money comes from, who the main power players are, who's paying for pedophelia services supporting the industry, how they get pictures of kids off the internet, the actual number of victims involved and who they are

*Embracing your empath, psychic or mediumship abilities

*Etc, etc, etc

Pro Tips:

*Don't ever shrink your magical self to fit into anyone else's box of expectations.

*Your true soul fam is out there. You will find them easier if you stop trying to make the old circle "fit" the new you. Would you try to squeeze yourself into an old favorite pair of pants you wore in 7th grade?

*As we grow our interests, goals, lifestyle, social circles, political affiliations, priorities and perspectives often change. As a result, if we take action on those new perceptions and intentionally focus our energy differently, our surroundings shift. Not everyone shifts at the same time. During those in-between times it can feel very lonely. That is temporary.

*As long as you stay humble, learn and acknowledge the important lesson and what it revealed to you, allow yourself to see the big picture, keep healing yourself, center your heart in love and intentionally do the best for your and other people’s greatest good, God will drop miracles into your lap. If you get stuck and need a hand, one will appear at just the right time.

*Being brave and walking away from old energy invites space for new soul fam that you fully vibe with. Fam you can be your complete authentic self with. Fam where you don't have to shrink your magic for acceptance.

*Eventually you'll look back and the old circle, not with anger, but with understanding. Everyone's level of consciousness is different. And it's not your job alone to fix everyone. You can still keep growing. It's very, very simple:


*If you’re magical, you did not come here to dim your light. You came here to shine it so bright that darkness has no safe havens around you.

*You ALONE know what your purpose and sacred truth is. NO ONE ELSE can or should define that for you. It's been written on your heart since the day you were born. You just need to remember, listen and find the courage to act.

~ Spiritual Psychic Medium and Healer Christina Dawn Eagle

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