Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings

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Picture Reading - Psychic Reading of one person in a picture

Email me a picture once you book and I will psychicly read ONE person in the picture.  If you want more  than  one person in the picture read, adjust the quantity in the cart before payment.


This is a very simple picture read of the energy of the person in the picture. It is not a comprehensive past, present and future reading. It is  very simple and I spend 20 minutes connecting to the person in the picture and share what I pick up about their energy, personality, strengths and challenges.   Sometimes I pick on ancestors and Spirit Guides around them.  Sometimes I see changes coming up. Every reading is unique depending on what Spirit shows me about each person. 


This is not a relationship reading. If you want me to read two people and do a relationshship Reading you would choose the 30 minute Psychic Reading / Relationship option and both must be present for the live Reading.


I will email you your reading within 14-21 days.