Thu, Feb 25 | Online Global Event

Angels of the Violet Flame Reiki Distant Healing Group Virtual Event

This virtual Group Healing Event is led my Reiki Master Healer and Angel Communication Psychic Medium Christina Dawn Eagle. Reiki is sacred healing energy that when combined with the Angels of The Violet Flame, Ascended Master St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel.
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Feb 25, 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM EST
Online Global Event

About the Event

This virtual Group Healing Event is led my Reiki Master Healer and Angel Communication Psychic Medium Christina Dawn Eagle.  Reiki is sacred healing energy that when combined with the Angels of The Violet Flame (Ascended Master St. Germain and Archangel Zadkiel) clears physical, spiritual, mental and emotional blockages. It is particularly powerful for invoking the 7 Healing qualities of Mercy, Forgiveness, Freedom, Opportunity, Alchemy,  Diplomacy and Transmutation. Attend from anywhere in the world! Read more about the Violet Flame and its healing powers HERE.

This Healing energy is particularly powerful to help release trapped negative emotions within the physical body that may cause illness, opening up and clearing blocks in the chakras or meridians, clearing negative auric attachments, clearing bad karma, healing past life and childhood trauma. All that's required is an open mind, setting intentions for healing and ideally a quiet place to sit or lie down during the Healing Event.

Once you RSVP,  if you have  specific prayers for physical, Spiritual and/or emotional healing add them to the registration form before checkout. After reviewing any specific healing prayer requests, Medium Christina goes deep into meditation. She is the conscious connection between this Universal Healing Energy, directing it and intensifying its benefits with the Violet Flame and purposefully directing it to all participants. Session is a half hour long.  This isn’t a live phone/video event. It’s a remote group healing experience that does not require any technology. During the event, everyone will simultaneously receive this Reiki Distant Violet Flame Healing Energy.


~For the best results, drink plenty of water before and after to ensure you're well hydrated. It will help clear your chakras and increase the healing energy flow to receive deeper healing on a cellular level.

~When receiving the Reiki Distant Healing it's best to find a private place to sit or lie down where you won't be interrupted.

~Some get more benefit by smudging or clearing their space before the live Event to create an intentionally peaceful, loving and safe sacred space. Listing to soft, relaxing music can help one open their energy to receive.

~Focus on calming your thoughts to fully allow and receive the maximum flow of  Healing energy

~Cutting of any negative energetic cords

~Removal of any negative Spirit attachments

~Removal and clearing of energy blocks

~Reiki Healing goes exactly where it’s needed to help align each chakra. Open and allow your Spirit to receive this for the maximum benefits

~Many see orbs or flashes of Light during the session. This is perfectly normal. It is your Spirit Guides helping to channel the healing energy where it's needed

~Many see visions and images in their mind’s eye and receive direct messages from their Angels and Spirit Guides.

~Should there be a personal Angel or Spirit Guide message for a participant, Medium Christina will send a private email with the short message after the live Event. Everyone is NOT guaranteed a personal message from Medium Christina.

~Some experience tingling at the top of your head, particularly when receiving Violet Flame Reiki Distant Healing. This is because it helps open and expand the crown chakra. The tingling feeling is just the energy working to clear away any blockages

~Some experience a warm fluttering in the center of your chest over the heart chakra. This is common when people receive the higher vibrational healing frequencies of forgiveness, mercy and transmutation

~Warm or cool tingling sensations in other parts of your physical body as the healing works on a cellular level to clear away energy blockages

~Chakras are the centers in our bodies through which sacred universal source energy flows. As chakras are cleared, it's not uncommon to feel stomach rumblings, relaxing of tight muscles and even burping. This is all perfectly normal as the Reiki Healing pushes out trapped negative emotions and clears chakra blocks that may have started manifesting physical illness

~Some see orbs, colors or flashes of light in and around their aura and body during these Healing Group Sessions

~Many feel a calming energy flow over their body as old, karmic negative energy is cleared.

~Many experience a new feeling of “lightness” once the session is complete

~Many experience a very impactful “Aha!” moment as they receive more soul clarity for overcoming a challenge

~Some experience heightened emotional sensitivity immediately after, and for up to 7 days after the event. This is because blocks are removed that once kept the person from feeling the emotions so they can ultimately be fully released from their energy fields.

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