Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings

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Have a Simple "Yes" or "No" Question?

This service offers a simple "Yes" or "No" answer to a question. I offer 1-5 Yes or No question options. 

*Please keep it a simple Yes or No.

*Please read EVERYTHING below so you understand how to book and what is offered with thiis Reading.

*With this service I use my Spirit Guides to connect to your Spirit Guides and Higher Self and let them use my pendulum to answer "Yes" or "No". When the answer is "Yes" my pendulum swings clockwise. If it's "No" it will swing counterclockwise. 

*The question must be about the person booking the Reading. I don't answer questions about people who have not given consent and are not participating in the Reading. It is an ethical boundary of mine.

*When I ask the pendulum a question I close my eyes, hold the pendulum at the level of my third eye and I open my physical eyes when I feel the pendulum move and the answer is revealed.

*I do not offer medical, psychological or financial advice.

*Your simple "Yes" or "No" answer will be sent via email within 5-7 days.

*More details about your question/answer and Spirit Guides are not offered with this service. It is a simple Yes or No. If you want more insights book a more extensive Psychic Reading.


    Number of Simple Yes or No Questions