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"How To Understand & Heal The Chakras Yourself" PDF Download by Medium Christina
  • "How To Understand & Heal The Chakras Yourself" PDF Download by Medium Christina


    Complete Guide To The Chakras - How To Heal and Balance the Chakras Yourself (1-14)


    This is a download of my 28 page WEALTH of information for chakra healing. A great tool and resource for any empath, lightworker, Reiki or Energy healer or anyone looking to expand their knowledge about chakra health and how imbalances can cause physical, spiritual and emotional shifts.


    Can also be applied to pets, horses, dogs, cats, goats, etc.Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means “wheel” but this lknowledge has been documented by many cultures all over the globe for many thousands of years. The chakras are how our Light body, life force, or prana manifests in the physical body. This energy is spinning and rotating with 7 major centers, starting at the base of the spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head. Each chakra has physical, emotional and Spiritual traits. Many people know that we have 7 major chakras, but did you know that you have 22?


    In this Packet you will get ALL you need to how to heal the lower 14 chakras! This JAM PACKET resource includes:

    *History of the chakras in many cultures all aound the worl as far back as 5000 years.

    *Specific tools to help align each chakra


    *Essential oils




    *Sound healing (hz frequencies)


    *Corresponding chakra elements (crown chakra = Light)

    *Positions of each chakra

    *The traits of each chakra: psysical, spiritual and emotional.

    *Signs of balanced, imbalanced, underactive, overactive and closed chakras.

    *What causes imbalances and how to identify them.

    *How imbalanced chakras can affect the physical body.

    *Which physical part of the body each chakra is connected to and what to look for


    *FREE GIFT: My Special Chakra Balancing Guided audio meditation Once you puchase you'll immediately receive an email with the link to download the PDF packet download. On page is the link to the free Chakra Healing Guided Meditation.

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