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"I first discovered Christina through IG as her posts are inspiring and enlightening for those on their spiritual journey. With the increasing popularity of crystals, meditation, etc., I wanted to deepen my understanding of what it all means. In New York, there are readers who hustle on street corners or approach you in stores trying to make a quick buck by sharing comically generic visions. Christina is the complete opposite. In my hour session, she answered all of my questions. She has a gentle, caring disposition and her approach is informative and fun. I highly recommend Christina if you want to learn more."


"Christina is an amazing talented beautiful soul with a great personality. She is a ball Interact with! The way she connects is unreal and what she had to tell me was very accurate indeed!! I will be speaking with her again!"


Kali Jam

"My reading from Christina this past weekend was one of the best readings I have had. She was awesome and her gift is truly amazing! I wish I had booked a longer session to see what else she had to share. I am in awe of how accurate and specific she was. This wasn't a reading where the person is guessing and giving general information. I can't wait for my next reading with her!"


Kaylee Patrick

"This morning I received my very first distant Reiki Distant Healing session. At first I was a bit nervous.  However, I could feel Christina's calming and loving energy coming through and that relaxed and reassured me. During my session I felt as if she was standing right next to me, as I felt my body soaking up the energy and healing. Christina answered all my questions in a supportive and open manner. Christina is an dedicated, loving, genuine human and I would recommend Christina with ten stars!! I look forward to another session with Christina!"


"Christina is amazing! She was spot on with all the information, and was able to give me such powerful tools to use in future. She connected to my guides, and was able to give me beautiful messages that I needed to receive! Highly recommended!"


"Eagle Medicine offers powerful healing!!
Christina makes me feel safe, nurtured, validated, which is just the beginning. My session (reading) with her felt like I spent the day immersed in the most exquisite spa, intensely uplifting. The information she brings forward by connecting with spirit was surprisingly accurate. I received a message from my deceased father assisting me in forgiveness, letting go of the excess heavy baggage which has been weighing me down, holding me back.  Christina comes from a heart-centered loving space which comes across as if she was wrapping me in a warm soft blanket. I had been feeling completely overwhelmed in my current circumstance, however, after my session I was lighter, brighter as if I had been cleansed somehow. The insight offered guidance to issues I was unable to see clearly on my own with additional messages which came through from several spirit animals and spirit guides. I can honestly attest to Christina Eagle being the real deal giving me confidence in recommending her to anyone who seeks connection to spirit for some powerful healing messages. Thanks for all you do!"


"I had a wonderful call with Christina. She’s very gentle and was able to connect with my father and grandmother. It was deeply impactful and an experience that I’ll never forget. I look forward to speaking with her again soon."


Ada Lopez

"Today I received the most amazing reading from Christina. She’s so sweet and super gentle, her energy is so amazing. The comfort she gave me in my reading was so amazing, and for it being a first time receiving a reading with connecting with my ancestors and spirit guides I can’t even describe how blown away and how much trust she’s gained with me. She’s someone I will go to whenever I have a question about something deeply."


Randal Loring

"Christina is a gifted message medium who is connected to the spirit world!"


Geneva Howes

"Christina is a highly rated Psychic Medium/Healer. She was very accurate and intuitive during my reading. I had a few aha moments and was driven to take her suggestions as soon as the session ended. She is a gentle but strong soul with an Aura of calmness and love. She went above and beyond by following up with me and provided more helpful insight in regards to a situation I was having. I highly recommend Christina to anyone seeking life direction or for the intention of connecting with loved ones or guides."


Jane Tavakalian

"I had my first ever spiritual reading with Christina. The minute I heard her voice on the phone, I felt an amazing reassurance and warmth.
Her energy is filled with such a bright light. I felt at home.
She guided me in the right direction and channeled the information that resonated with me so much.  She helped me gain confidence for my next steps in life.  It was such a breakthrough! Thank you so much dear for everything you do!  Whenever you have a question in life or feel lost and need more clarity in life, do not think twice. Christina is your angel to help!"


Liana Nuttr

"Christina was spot-on and so full of energy and very intuitive... It was a really great night we all had so much fun!"


Caitlyn Marie Wood

“I had a spiritual reading yesterday with Christina and let me tell you, she absolutely blew me away! Everything she said was spot on with what I was wanting to hear. I asked her about a loved one that had passed on and she gave me a message from him. It was exactly what I needed to hear considering my state of mind lately. I'm SO thankful I booked this appointment with Christina. It really helped me get into a better head space! I will most definitely be booking another appointment with her SOON!"


Anne Robb

"My experience today with Christina was beautiful. She provided me with great Spiritual insight. Christina explained, was enthusiastic and incredibly authentic. She is truly a gift and I would honestly recommend her services. You will receive so much light!"


Paula Smeaton

"Mindful and caring medium, Christina did not let down as she was spot on with the general direction of her reading. Very good - I recommend her if you're looking for some guidance. Thanks for stepping into your gift Christina."


Karen Kettell Gordon

"I asked a certain person to come through for me before I met with Christina and she immediately validated it was him. She went on to bring in a child with him that I had lost 18 years ago. Not many people know about that child. I was super impressed with my reading and she is the "real deal"! Thank you so much Christina! You are very special indeed!"


Christine Richardson

"Christina is a wonderful and trustworthy keeper of her clairvoyant gifts. I'm not sure how to review this amazing person....The reading she did for me was supportive, in depth and very helpful. She followed the guidance of Spirit, not formality and was able to closely channel my spirit guide, the same one who has come to me in the past. Go to her with an open mind/spirit and she will help guide needed messages to your heart."


Maggie Wey

“I had an amazing experience with Christina. I was given a lot of information that I needed to hear. I will never look at things the same. Thank you Christina!"


Jesus Matias

"Being raised as a New Yorker, it's common to see a reader on any street corner, propped up with a little table, hustling people. which is why it ruins it for true intuitive people. Perhaps being online may seem superficial since social media is that, in certain ways.  But many lack understanding, and don't bother just studying a bit historically it's always been around, like Edgar Cayce.. so don't your limit possibilities, when you realize that you are the Youniverse, and you are seeking it will speak by any means, due to your intention & desire.. if you feel called, by all means try.. she's awesome.. right away via phone call, she was able to point out major things for my life & private things about me without ever even meeting me.. :)I highly recommend!"


Roxie Rox

"Christina has an amazing healing energy ! She gave me a lot guidance and made me feel very calm. The reading was 100 % accurate. Thank you!"


Katie P. Alton Allen

“My mom and I both had a wonderful experience with Christina! It was a very relaxing and enlightening experience. She definitely is very talented and gave a lot of insight to both of us! Thank you so much Christina! We look forward to coming back again!"


Katherine Leonard

"I have felt comfortable with Christina from the first moment she began to talk with me. She was soft and loving in her tone and brought me in contact with several spirit guides in my life. Very interesting guides, a few I had never heard from before. I am piecing together some of my past toward an understanding of my spiritual path today. I could not be where I am now without her oversight and gentle coaching. Very thankful for this gifted lightworker in my life at just the right time!"


"I have to say, Christina has been a wonderful messenger sent to me by the heavens. Being able to hear that my grandfather has been one of my angels watching over my daughter and I had been soooo heartwarming. You have brought light upon me!! Your warm and gentle soul has opened me up since our first session. My spiritual journey has now begun and I cannot thank you enough!! I look forward to our future sessions, Christina!! Blessings to you, my friend!"

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