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Organic Dried Witchwood Leaves: Reiki Infused, Divination Tea & Smudging
  • Organic Dried Witchwood Leaves: Reiki Infused, Divination Tea & Smudging

    PriceFrom $5.55
    Sustainably and lovingly hand harvested, Vegan and Organic. Hand packed with love and shipped from Maine after Christina infuses them with Reiki.Witchwood Trees, also called Rowan and Mountain Ash, have been planted in the entryways of New England homes since the 18th cetury to ward off evil. Witchwood berries (fresh and dried) have numerous metaphysical properties. These berries are picked from a tree planted in the 18th century by settlers to ward off evil from the home Christina lives in. Dried red mountain ash contains a rich vitamin complex. Dried rowan has the properties of a high-vitamin product. It eliminates the deficiency of vitamins, restores strength, has a beneficial effect on depletion of the body, normalizes metabolism, activates the protective properties of the body. Dried red mountain ash is used in the form of decoctions, infusions, tinctures. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing agent. Leaf Applications Divination Tea:For making herbal teas use 3 leaves per liter of water. It reinforces the power of divination.*Filter the water before drinking*Add sugar if too bitter Incense Leaves:Burning the leaves like incense gives the same effect. In addition, if you astral travel it will prevent a spirit from stealing your body. Dried leaves are best for free burning incense. Fresh leaves can be used to make smudge sticks with other sacred herbs.
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