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Online Zoom Event

Psychic Development Beginner Fall 2022 Zoom Class #7

Learn to honor, explore & trust your intuition, psychic abilities, connections to others, your Angels, Spirit Guides, the Universe & Spirit. Learn to integrate key strategies for increased clarity & discernment. Learn deliberate, practical ways to navigate life w/your intuition.🦅 8 wk course: $444

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Psychic Development Beginner Fall 2022 Zoom Class #7
Psychic Development Beginner Fall 2022 Zoom Class #7

Час и място

05.11.2022 г., 10:00 ч. – 12:00

Online Zoom Event

За събитието

*Lessons 1-2: In the first two classes we will look closely at the "Spiritual Awakening" experience. I will share common awakening symptoms. We will begin tapping into and understanding our unique empath gifts and energy. Will include discussion and experiences of empathic aura merging, residual energy, grounding, centering, shielding, and discussion of the different types of energy fields that many empaths are highly sensitive to. Will include lessons and discussions of the different types of empaths, such as geomantic, plant, animal, physical and clairvoyant empathic abilities. In class we will also practice exercises to help empaths trust, tune in, discern, and feel empowered by those Spiritual Gifts. I share some practical exercises and tools to help my students go from being an overwhelmed Empath to an empowered Empath.

🦅*Lessons 3-5 are focused on developing tapping into, and discerning person to person Psychic Gifts and energy. This type of Spiritual Gift allows some to pick up the thoughts, ideas and energy of others through psychic energy reading. Will include lessons, exercises and discussion of developing psychic abilities and discern the information received. Each class will include exercises to develop our psychic gifts and a homework assignment to practice in between classes. All students get access to my secret Facebook Development group where I provide support as we expand on our gifts in between classes.🦅*Lessons 6-8 are focused on developing, tapping into, and discerning intuitive energy from Spirit, otherwise known as Mediumship abilities, or triangular perception. Once many sensitives get a grasp on developing and managing the empathic and psychic energy they receive it becomes easier and tap into use and trust intuitive Mediumship abilities from Spirit like: clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and more. Learn to hone your Sacred Connection to the Great Spirit to receive intuitive clarity and Messages from Spirit, Angels, ancestors.


  • 7 дни

    Classes 1-2

    Online Zoom Event

  • 7 дни

    Lessons 1-2

    Zoom Event


  • Fall 2022 Development Class

    This is my special 8 week world renowned Psychic Development Class where I've taught 100's of people around the world to activate, develop, understand & trust their psychic senses. Learn to honor, explore and trust your sacred connections to others, your Angels and Spiirit Guides, the Universe and Spirit. Learn new insights and how to integrate key strategies to increase clarity, discernment and accuracy.In this course I share powerful tools to help you grow!

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