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Ayana Christina Wolf -  Intuitive Oracle & Tarot Reader, Empath, Psychic & Medium

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About Ayana:

Ayana has been practicing the art of Tarot and Oracle Card Reading since she was a teenager and is a 4th generation Psychic Empath, Medium and Healer. From childhood she's felt deeply connected to her Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, higher dimensions and the“other side.” 

For many years Tarot has been a way for her to seek insight and guidance in her own life when the path ahead seemed unclear. Ayana believes she has spent many past lifetimes as a healer and oracle. It is only natural that she pursues these gifts with the intention of healing the Collective Consciousness and helping souls awaken in the here and now.

Card Readings with Ayana

When Reading Cards, Ayana taps into her intuitive and psychic abilities. She uses her gift of sight to hold the vision of what the cards wish to tell her. She will ask her guides, as well as your own guides and ancestors to show her what she needs to know in order to help you heal and ascend. She then uses her intuitive abilities to understand what the recipient of each reading would most profoundly benefit from hearing at that moment in time.

Ayana offers Readings focused on a specific area of life such as love, life, career, etc. Or can provide insight to a specific question asked. She will select an oracle deck of her choosing based on the questions you submit.

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Ayana Offers:

Live Phone/Video and

Emailed Video Tarot/Oracle Card Readings

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