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A Layperson's Guide - Six Types of Ghostly Spirits People Can Become When They Pass

In my work as a psychic medium I have learned quite a bit about the different types of “Spirits” or “ghosts”. There are many different types of dark entities but today I’m strictly going to talk about living people that just made their transition out of their physical body. In my next blog post I’ll talk about all the different types of dark entities.

When someone has a physical death they can no longer inhabit their physical body. Their energy becomes disconnected from it and they can no longer “attach” to it. So they often attach to other energy sources because Spirits still need an energy source.

We all have free will. Every soul has a choice about whether they go into the Light of the afterlife or not. Some don't for a variety of reasons. Here is what I’ve learned about types of departed souls from the 3700+ plus Readings I’ve done so far.

Type #1: A positive soul that quickly and willingly goes right into the Light. They usually have a strong faith and Spirituality is a normal and positive part of their family culture. They excitedly cross, and are often brought over by departed loved ones that surround them. This is the most peaceful type of passage.

Type #2: A positive soul that may need some coaxing to go into the Light. They may not have had strong faith, but they were good people.

Atheists, or anyone turned off by organized religion commonly fall into this category.

These souls are the easiest to help cross. I have held many "Crossing Ceremonies" and once they get a peek at the other side they usually happily cross right over once they see their departed loved ones who have come to help them cross over.

Type #3: A positive soul that was told by their family that they are going to hell.

The soul has remorse about the "mistake" but they feel doomed to hell and damnation so they choose to not walk into the Light because they think it's a portal to hell. I see this mostly with people born in the last 1800’s, early 1900’s when religion was very black and white. My first "Crossing Ceremony" was for a woman born in the mid 1800's who basically lived in my house with two children. They were not malicious. They felt alone and just wanted company. Ghosts don't scare me anymore so I was initially fine with them staying. Years later I began to feel bad for them. I knew they were stuck and would be happier in the Light.

As I spoke with her (she said her name was Grace), I asked her one night why she didn't go into the Light. She told me she got pregnant young out of wedlock and was cast out of her family and told she'd burn in hell for it.

She said the children weren't her biological son and daughter. They were other lost souls that were drawn to her because of her mothering energy. I knew I could help them. My daughter and I prepared for a Crossing Ceremony. I asked their loved ones to come help them cross. I told her ancestors she needed them and their forgiveness. They immediately came through. One was her father. They embraced as a father and daughter would after being separated for over 100 yrs.

The children's family also came through with gifts for them, fishing poles! The happiness and peace that filled the room was palpable. Then once they crossed the energy immediately felt calm. They had successfully crossed after over 100 yrs in limbo. It's never too late for a soul to decide to cross.

Type #4: A confused soul that dies suddenly and unexpectedly and does not realize they are actually “dead.” This can happen if someone does in a crash, is murdered, and is in denial about having permanently left their body.

When I connect with these souls the strongest emotion I feel from them is confusion.

I usually ask them to show me the last thing they remember. Then I help them hopefully process and accept their transition to a Light body. Once they have accepted this they usually go right into the Light.

Type #5: A soul who knows they died but does not have peace around their passing and feels as if justice has not been done so they don't cross by choice.

These souls often stay attached to family, search for a sensitive that can help and frequently create lots of paranormal activity as an attempt to get someone’s attention.

I’ve had many murder victims come to me. Some I knew, some I didn’t. The first time I experienced this type of visitation it was a friend's sister who had been missing for almost 3 months. The family didn't know she was dead yet. She immediately asked me to go to her sisters house so she could tell them everything. She was still considered a missing person. Ethical boundaries are important with Spiritual work, so I told her I wasn't prepared to tell her sister that she was dead. That's not my role. There are people who specialize in that. My specialty is Spirit communication. So I told her she could stay with me until the family finds out she was dead, and then we'd go over to her sisters house and tell her everything, which we did. For the 2 weeks she was with me she showed me many visions. She showed me the property where she was buried in a shallow grave, the building on the property, a small pond and it looked like an abandoned property.

I drew every vision she showed me and saved them all to give to her sister. It ultimately helped convict her murderer.

Other times ghosts show up and I have no idea who they are. When they have been murdered they often look mutilated. It's not pretty.

With these souls I usually have a scheduled a reading with a family member coming up. They hang around until I get to their loved one’s Reading.

These souls are not looking to bring any dark energy around. They just need a little help. They are usually quite respectful and don't try to scare me because they know I want to help. They often explain what happened to them in great detail. Often the family takes this information to the police and it helps solve their murder.

Type #6: A dark soul who is disconnected from the White Light of God and intentionally chooses to avoid the Light, both in life and death.

These types go straight towards the darkness and stay in this world to do harm. They have no interest in being guided to the Light. These entities are drawn to darkness. Not all dark entities are demons, so this is a very low level dark entity. I do not work with or assist these dark entities in any capacity.

They are deceptive, sneaky and trickster souls that go further and further towards the darkness for their energy source until they ultimately lose their human identity, physical form and they shape-shift into scary looking forms. They have no positive connection to God and often merge with other dark entities to become more powerful.

I don't believe in a Hell as it's been written about in many religious texts. Instead what I've been shown is that dark souls stay here on earth. They are afraid of the Light because they know they'll be held accountable for all the bad, evil things they did in life.

God balances out everything, including karma.They stay here to avoid this. Their energy source is misery and fear.

Eventually Earth will get so hot that humans cannot inhabit it anymore, like Mars. These dark souls will be trapped here even when earth begins to burn up. That is how I see Hell. I diligently use lots of energy protection measures to keep my space and home clear of all these dark entities.

If you’re someone who is scared of any and all "ghosts" then you'll probably have a hard time feeling the different energies of each. Not all Spirits are bad. Some are quite friendly, funny, courteous and respectful.

Good Spirits usually show themselves in a form made of white or brightly colored light. Dark Spirits take a shadow form and are unable to use the Light.

If you want to start exploring the Spirit world and stay safe NEVER USE A OUIJA BOARD!

They open portals for dark entities that most people are vastly unprepared to cope with. Often the dark Spirits brought through Ouija boards by inexperienced people permanently attach to people and places, create physical illness and create poltergeist activity.

Instead, explore what Spirituality means for YOU and find strength in that. Develop a relationship with your ancestors and Spirit Guides you can trust. Get familiar with energy protection tools to keep your energy protected. Skipping these essential steps and being impatient can lead to difficulties later.

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The soul Grace I mentioned who stayed in my home with two children for years asked me if she could still come back to visit occasionally before she crossed. Of course I said yes, we had become friends. It took almost a year to see her again but I love when she returns for a visit. I was the first human to show her love and respect in over 100 yrs and it created a special eternal bond between us. I hope this post inspires you to go beyond your fear, or what you were taught to believe by people afraid of any and all Spirits. The Spirit world is very rich, interesting and I learn something new every week. It's a wonderful journey!

If you would like to connect to your departed loved ones, need help with solving a crime, or need help figuring out what type of Spirits are around you can book a 1:1 phone or video private Reading with Medium Christina:

~Mediium Christina Dawn Eagle

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