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Get Ready For the Heat - October 1st, 2020 Full Moon In Aries with Sun Opposite Chiron in Retrograde

October will be quite heated. You'll find the courage to push through your fears. Things are coming to a head, internally and externally. This is an excellent time to clear and purge anything no longer in alignment with your vibration. Friendships may change. Don't resist letting things go that no longer serve your soul.

Shadows will be brought to the surface. Healing generational trauma is a major theme. Things can now be seen in a different light. This is an excellent opportunity do DEEP healing and clear away more wounded energy from our past. Not just for us but for future generations and the ascension of the collective consciousness. Turn that fear/victim energy into warrior/survivor energy.

Your soul chose to be born and be here at this exact time. We are leaping the planet into the next stage of its consciousness, and your soul, your mind and your body is along for the ride. It may get wild for a bit but the shift can't be stopped. Keep your vibration as high as possible. This will help keep you feeling steady.

This moon may have you feeling irritable, antsy, and pulled towards drama. Even though you may feel a strong wave of emotions bubbling up in order to purge and release them, know that this is the moment you have been working towards. A great opportunity to focus on compromise not competition.

Channel your inner warrior energy for motivation not drama. Channel the fire to your heart and soul to help move this planet to the next level of consciousness. Earth is playing an important part in the consciousness evolution and ascension of our entire Universe. You are one person but your energy affects the whole Universe.

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