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Deep Emotions Revealed - New Moon In Scorpio Energy Report November 14, 2020

1. Get things done

2. Look for the silver lining

3. Co-manifest new passions

4. Healing from family trauma

5. Sit with your deep emotions

6. Face your greatest struggles

7. Remember how far you've come

8. Like the scorpion shed your skin

9. See from a higher self perspective

10. Shadow aspects re-emerge to heal

11. Like the Phoenix rise from the ashes

12. Become more aware of self sabotage

Get things done: With Mars direct this is a time to keep any momentum going. Use this energy of action paired with the deep inner work brought about by the Scorpio moon to make momentus leaps forward, especially when in alignment with our soul purpose.

Look for the silver lining: Jupiter position to the moon helps us see the bigger picture, higher perspective, and lessons in all of the madness. It may feel awful now but it can turn into something much better later.

Co-manifest new passions: Scorpio is extremely passionate. Many Scorpios present as fire energy because of that deep passion.

Take time to identify healthy and productive passions. That will lead that way directly to your true soul purpose.

Healing from family trauma: Chiron, the wounded healer asteroid, is in retrograde.

Old memories may pop up. Ones you possibly stuffed. Ones you're now strong enough and ready to face. You are not what has happened to you. You didn’t come this far to repeat old patterns.

Use these raw and real emotions to help push you further along and progress on your healing journey. Get some extra help if necessary. Seeing a therapist is a sign of strength and courage. Do more things that nurture your soul. Allow yourself the time and energy to heal.

Sit with your deep emotions: My youngest daughter is a Scorpio. Since a baby she's had a rich inner emotional world. This new moon opens a portal for us to all sit more deeply with our emotions with the opportunity to be more at peace with them all.

Don't run from the emotional lessons. Lean IN to them and begin to do the brave work of listening and feeling. Then you can begin to observe and learn that you are not your emotions. You are your response to your emotions. This new self awareness leads to greater self mastery.

Face your greatest struggles: Your greatest struggles are breadcrumbs that become clues to your greatest purpose.

To struggle is to be human. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Piling guilt on top of the struggles is unnecessary. It impedes your growth and doesn't help anybody grow.

Face it head on. Do the work. Quit with the excuses. And start forgiving yourself!

Remember how far you've come: This deep thinking energy can help reflect upon how far you've actually come. Appreciate the steps. The sacrifices. The work. The challenges. The victories. The failures. The lessons. The growth. The wisdom.

Like the scorpion shed your skin: This new moon is like a metamorphosis. The three stages of Scorpio are The Scorpion, The Eagle and The Phoenix. These three symbols represent the stages of transformation Scorpio undergoes during the spiritual journey.

Through peace of mind, we reach spiritual enlightenment. However, to induce the calm it takes to reach higher levels of awareness one must have command of their emotions. Identify which stage you're in and ask yourself if you're ready to shed old skins.

See from a higher self perspective: Deep Scorpio is always looking for the bigger picture. Try viewing it outside of yourself from a higher perspective and see if you don't see the bigger picture meaning. Imagine any challenge like a four dimensional chess game instead of a checkers game.

Experience enhanced thinking about big picture visions and dreams. Don't unsee what is revealed even if you don't like everything you see. Let your soul speak to you and listen to everything it says.

Shadow aspects re-emerge to heal: Scorpios get a bad rap sometimes as being dark. They're generally not dark. They just become masters of knowing their darkness and become friends with it so it might longer has to be feared. For many any remaining shadow work, or deep healing work that has to be done.

Old traumas may come back up. Temporary Band-Aids used to stop the bleeding will fall off. The Universe is asking you if you're ready to slay your demons or keep running from them. If they have come up God knows you are strong enough now.

Like the Phoenix rise from the ashes: It's time to rebuild. Old systems and beliefs will crumble so a new, brighter day can emerge.

Let the old burn away. You can grow new wings. Our mistakes and past do not define us. Our response to them does.

We can wallow or we can be accountable. We can remain a victim or become an empowered survivor. New Moon in Scorpio's emotions aren't wishy washy.

Become more aware of self sabotage:

With all this emotional growth often what comes is brutal self-awareness that can be cringeworthy.

Again, running from the deep emotions instead of doing the work just means the pattern will persist and impede growth and balance until it's addressed.

God gives us all free will. Some learn in fewer lunar cycles, some more. The choice is always ours. ~Christina Dawn Eagle, Spiritual Psychic Medium, Intuitive Empath and Reiki Master Healer

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New Moon Release Ritual:

Write down all the things you want to release this lunar cycle on a piece of paper. Set the list outside and infuse it with your intentions through the closest hours to the New moon (November 14, 12:07am EST). Or keep it inside, set intentional symbols over it, such as a notebook, picture, candle, crystals, cross, the rosary, etc.

After 24 hours SAFELY burn the list. IF YOU CAN'T BURN IT SAFELY rip it up into shreds and throw it out. Your intention is most important, not the method. The release won't be complete unless you allow it. Move through the deep emotions necessary to transcend.

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