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Awakening Your Spiritual Gifts:Empath, Psychic & Mediumship Development
Sat, Mar 21
Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings
Mar 21, 10:00 AM EDT – Apr 25, 12:00 PM EDT
Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings, 268 State St, Bangor, ME 04401, USA
Awakening is remembering who you are & forgetting who they told you to be. As we awaken we find ourselves on a soul level & for many our sacred Spiritual gifts begin to unfold. During this 6 wk course done via live webinar I share many tools for developing empathic, psychic & mediumship abilities.
3 Month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development & Mentoring Spring Session
Mon, Apr 13
Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings
Apr 13, 7:00 AM – Jul 13, 12:00 PM
Eagle Medicine Psychic Readings, 111 Moose Hill Road, Osborn, ME 04605, USA
This is a very intensive healing opportunity. This is not for people who are not ready to "do the work". This is for people who are ready to let go of the excuses and grow. We will be doing some deep soul diving, healing work using different modalities. Every two weeks we'll have a 45 minute call.

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