The Soul's Journey Lesson Oracle Cards  - 44 Card Deck - FAST In USA Shipping

The Soul's Journey Lesson Oracle Cards - 44 Card Deck - FAST In USA Shipping

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I use this deck quite often in private Readings for big picture questions about life and soul purpose. It has beautiful artwork that enhances the message. A great deck for beginners and advanced Readers.


How to conduct a Reading:

Clear Your Physical and Mental Space with an Opening Ritual. All rituals are just an habitual set of actions that help you focus your mind on what you’re doing. The more your give power to your opening rituals, the more concentration you will have and the more clear your messages will be. The ritual you choose doesn’t need to be elaborate, it can simply be lighting some candles, doing some breathing and maybe an opening prayer. Some people likes to clear the air with essential oils, sage or incense. Do what ever you feel drawn to and give you peace and happiness. Call your Guides to your side. It’s a simple step, but so often overlooked: call your Guides to your side and ask that they and only they answer your questions through the cards. This can be included in your opening prayer. The clearer the question is the clearer the answer will be. In forming your question, try to avoid asking Yes-No questions, as they leave your Guides little room to open your mind to new ideas. Instead, ask to be shown the likely results of a particular action, or the understanding needed to deal with a situation effectively. Ask to be shown someone’s true character or real intent. You can also ask where your true joy lies or what is blocking it. Get the Message. Be open to what you receive and trust that your Guides know what you really need. Pay attention to what you her, feel, see, know and smell. Once you start the reading, everything is part of it, even if the mailman knocks at your door. Give Thanks, and Find Peace in the Love Your Guides Have For You.


Regardless of the challenges you face or whatever drama is playing out on the stage of your life, you can always be glad that your Guides are at your side to help you through it. Three card pull method so your guides can send you a clear answer: Past / Present / Future The nature of your problem / The cause / The solution Situation / Action / Outcome What I think about the situation / What I feel / What I do What you aspire to / What is standing in your way / How you can overcome this Strengths / Weaknesses / Advice Opportunities / Challenges / Outcome


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