Tea Leaf Readings With Dr. Kristé - Emailed Video Options (Receive in 1-7 days)

Tea Leaf Readings With Dr. Kristé - Emailed Video Options (Receive in 1-7 days)

Dr. Kristé has helped people all over the globe answer pressing questions, connect with their higher selves and reach their desired level of happiness.  She is an intuitive empath and highly connected to the Archangels.  Learn more about Kriste: HERE


Tea Leaf Readings, or Tasseography is a divination method that interprets patterns in tea leaves. Tea leaf readings are based on the concept of directing energy. When we focus our intention on the tea, the leaves become energetic conduits that are capable of mirroring our experiences including those which have yet to occur. When prompted with a question, the leaves reveal hidden blockages, offer advice, and even forecast the future. These mystical messages are embedded within the wet leaves' shape, density, color, and placement.


It's simple and fun! Enjoy a cup of tea and send me three well-lit pictures of the leaves in your cup.




Types of Emailed Video Tea Leaf Readings:
*One Question Tea Leaf Reading = $175


*General Full Length Tea Leaf Reading:  Let the cup reveal what is most important for your highest good. You will receive via email within 7 days a labeled diagram of your tea leaves and full length Reading of what each symbol means for  you. =  $225


    $175.00 Regular Price
    $160.00Sale Price
    Type of Teal Leaf Emailed Video Reading:

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