Spiritual Energy Art Prints, High Quality Paper,Reiki Infused-Lidia Dale-Mesaros

Spiritual Energy Art Prints, High Quality Paper,Reiki Infused-Lidia Dale-Mesaros

*FREE USA /$30 Worldwide Shipping and Handling by Original Artist*Custom printed on fine quality art paper 11" x 14" *Approx finish size (with mat)  12 1/2" x 15 1/2"*Each print comes with a Message from Lidia herself about the spiritual meaning and symbolism she channels into each piece of art.*Reiki infused by artist and Reiki Master Lidia*Comes with free hand cut custom mat prepared by Lidia*Not mass produced*Please allow 10-14 days for delivery Available Prints:*Owl Energy*Spirit Keeper*Prayer Bearer*Fierce Goddess*Catch A Dream*Winona Urban Sage*Avatar of Telling Eyes*Eagle Medicine Woman*Grey Arrow Spirit Woman*Warrior of Self Protection*White Buffalo Calf Woman*Okwaho And The Four Moons*Inspiration Transformation GoddessAn example of Lidia's Spiritual Message for the painting "Prayer Bearer":"This image and message came from a deep place within. I journeyed with it all week. The Eagle came to me during a dream. It asked me to include it in my painting as there was importance to the message being collectively conveyed. I can't put into words the journey this painting took me on this week, but some of you know my spiritual path and the many years working with spirit in my healing practice. "THE Wise Woman of the Woods gathers with her sisters, the prayer women. They give thanks together to the almighty Eagle of the Earth, their ascended master and wisdom spirit guide as well as to the mountains. The Eagle offers us great insight and wisdom and enables us to manifest at a time of change in our lives. Often a renewal or rebirth of oneself into our true and authentic self. Eagle is present to reassure us of our inner strength and fortitude during times of challenge and into our rebirth. Never give up on your quest, keep your focus forwards. Eagle represents grounding to mother earth as well as to the heavens. The Eagle is the bearer of prayers to the spirit realm. Aim straight and aim high. The mountains are a symbol of the feminine. As a metaphor the mountain represents our desire to elevate our thoughts. Our thoughts lead us to our actions. Our actions create our experiences. The mountains are our connection between earth and the heavens. They keep us grounded and solid through the wind of change. They teach us to remain calm and centered as we evolve into our higher self."Learn more about Lidia HERE"I live with my husband Richard and my family of Alaskan Huskies. Nestled in the woods, my home is my sanctuary and is filled with amazing energy and stories from the land and trees that surround our home.  All of this has been my inspiration for my art.  My art and spirit energy has evolved over the years.  Each point of arrival has been a stepping stone to my true calling.  Art is energy, art speaks and is comforting and empowering all at the same time. We each receive energy differently and art allows for a private, deeply moving sense of connection with spirit through the image and the clarity of the captured message within."   - Lidia Dale-Mesaros 
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