SPECIAL SALE! Spirit Animal Painting, Card Reading & Mediumship Message

SPECIAL SALE! Spirit Animal Painting, Card Reading & Mediumship Message

This is an amazing special!  Have you ever wanted to meet your main Spirit Animal? Lidia Dal-Messaros is a psychic artist and Medium and this amazing package includes: 


1.) A Mixed Media painting of your Spirit Animal on fine quality paper

2.) A Card Reading

3.) Any additional Messages from Spirit that come through Lidia's Mediumship to assist you on your soul journey. 

BONUS: FREE pocket blessing card (see example below)


To Book Please Answer These Three Questions Before Submitting: 

1) What resonates with you -  Earth.. Sky.. Wind..or Water?

2) Do you feel connected to your guides?

3) What colors make you feel peaceful


Learn more about Lidia's Spiritual journey HERE.


Earth Star Blessings:

"Mother Earth Guide and Protect our footsteps

Father Sky watch over us from above

Rainbows gather in the light from above and radiate through us

Grandfather tree keep us rooted and stable but let our branches

And leaves sway in the wind so we may hear the messages from the great spirit”

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