Reiki Master Live Distant Healing, Chakra/Aura Checkup & Cord Cutting Session

Reiki Master Live Distant Healing, Chakra/Aura Checkup & Cord Cutting Session

I'm a Reiki Master, Psychic Healer and Medium who has also been attuned to the distant healing Reiki healing powers of Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen, which means I can invoke the power of distant healing brought to us by Mikao Usui, the originator of Usui Reiki.


This is a sacred healing energy that can clear physical, spiritual, mental and emotional blockages. I pair these attunements with my Psychic Mediumship abilities to incorporate messages from your Spirit Guides into each session. This is a video session, so that I can see your chakras and aura. Sessions are recorded so you can watch it again and get the same benefit. Sessions available via live video from anywhere in the world.


In these powerful Healing sessions I connect to your energy through your chakras and aura and channel healing where it needs to go. Reiki is powerful tool. All that you need to contribute is an open mind and to find a quiet place to sit or lie down during your session. Usui Reiki can release physical, spiritual and emotional blocks. I pair this attunement with my ability to see and feel Spirit, chakras, auras and source energy since early childhood to assist my clients on their healing journey.




*A chakra and auric health analysis and recommendations to maintain their balance. Many are aware of of the 7 main chakras. Each chakra has physical, mental, and emotional traits. They are how our eternal Light body manifests in the physical body. If you aren't familiar with the chakras that's no problem I will explain everything.


*Insights regarding what has been causing any chakra imbalances to help the client maintain alignment in between sessions.


*Balancing of any chakras that are blocked. They can be both under and overactive, each having their own symptoms. When they remain imbalanced they can manifest physical illness when imbalanced. The Reiki Healing will go exactly where it needs to go to align each chakra.


*I see auras and the different colors they radiate. Each color has particular meaning. I will read your aura and share what the colors mean.


*With my Mediumship I incorporate what Spirit shows me into each session. We all have at least 7 main Spirit Guides and they often align with our chakras. Often they step forward in the Reiki Distant Healing Sessions with more information for the client to assist them on their healing journey.


*Cutting of any negative energetic cords


*Removal of any negative Spirit attachments


*Removal and clearing of energy blocks


*Channel Reiki healing energy where needed for any physical, emotional, psychological or Spiritual issues.


*Drink plenty of water before and after our session. It will help clear your chakras and increase the flow to receive deeper healing.


*Session is one hour long (unless you choose an additional add on service)


*I am not a medical professional and can not diagnose any physical, mental or emotional illnesses.


*Session is recorded so you can watch it again and download it if you'd like for continued re-balancing and healing effects.


*When receiving healing I recommend finding a private place to lay down but sitting quietly is also fine.


*Focus on calming your thoughts and inviting the healing flow of energy that you will receive if you are open.


*You may see orbs or flashes of Light during your session. This is perfectly normal. It is your Spirit Guides helping to channel the healing energy where it's needed.


What will the Reiki Healing feel like?


* You may experience tingling at the top of your head, a warm fluttering in the center of your chest, or warm or cool tingling sensations in parts of your physical body that need healing. You may also see orbs, colors or flashes of light in and around your aura and body during the session. You may also feel a calming energy flow over you. This is all perfectly normal.


Chakras are the centers in our bodies though which sacred energy flows. These are affected by everything we immerse ourselves in including our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions. Blocked energy in our seven chakras can often lead to illnesses, so it's important to understand what each chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely. In these sessions I fully explain what any imbalances mean and share more tools for how to maintain their balance.


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