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Psychic Gifts Development Custom 3 Week Program

If you are looking to tap into your intuition and want some 1:1 customized support and guidance, I am here to help!

Want to enhance your intuition and psychic abilities?

Wondering what abilities you have?

Looking for an experienced mentor?

Need it all to fit into your busy schedule?

Then this is for YOU!


Every 3 weeks I accept 5 new students into this exclusive program.   Each 3 week session includes:

*1:1 Half Hour Psychic Gifts Development Discovery phone call

*Learn what kind of empath you are after completing my Empath Discovery Questionnaire

*Receive weekly lessons to enhance your abilties with personal, customized guidance along the way

*Learn energy protection tools

*Receive weekly email support (5 contacts/week) = 15 customized email contacts

*Get all your psychic gifts development answered

*Once you book, I will be in touch via email to schedule your Discovery call.

*Next session begins August 26th


    3 Week Psychic Development Session