Empath / HSP Discovery and Healing Session

Think you may be an empath and want to explore your Spiritual Gifts? Have questions about what that means? Feel overwhelmed at times? Have questions about different kinds of abilities? Want to learn to tap in and trust your intuition and develop your Sacred Gifts?  are many kinds of empaths. Some types include Emotional, Physical/Medical, Geomantic, Plant, Animal and Claircognizant/Intuitive empaths. By learning some key strategies and gaining more understanding as to how and why our sacred empathic gifts work the way they do, we can feel empowered and centered in our sacred gifts. I help empaths understand and identify which sacred gifts they have, a...nd develop a customized plan to find more peace, balance and empowerment in their gifts.


Often many of us go through a painful "Dark Night of the Soul" and find ourselves feeling anxious, hurt, taken advantage of, overwhelmed and deeply depressed by our experiences. There is a way out! We didn't come here to be victims, we came here to be bringers of the Light. There are some key things empaths can do to help understand and balance all the energy we feel and perceive. Whether you have recently discovered that you're an empath and are struggling, or have known for some time I can help you find healing, empowerment and sacredness in your gifts. You are not alone and I would love to help you along your journey.


Before our session, I will email you an Empath Spectrum test to complete before our session. This will help me determine what type of empath you are.  I help people figure out which abilities they have and a personal plan for increasing clarity, balance, accuracy and discernment.


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Empath Discovery Session
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