Charm Casting Phone/Video/Emailed Video Reading Options w/Dr. Kristé Sprague

Charm Casting Phone/Video/Emailed Video Reading Options w/Dr. Kristé Sprague

Charm Casting is form of divination during which charms, small baubles and trinkets are gently tossed across a special chart created to depict different aspects of life.  Dr. Kriste pairs her intuitive, psychic and mediumship abilities to provide deeper meaning in her Readings.   Just with any divination tool, they are best when enhanced with psychic abilities.  Dr. Kriste is exceptionally gifted at using all her abilties to serve her clients the best way possible.  Charm casting helps provide answers around relationships, finances, business/career, personal growth, spirituality, general insight or just about anything you want to know. 


Each charm has distinct symbolism, and the area on the chart in which it lands can reveal surprising truths, dish up valuable insight, and even predict the future as it stands at the time of casting. Charms are based on the Lenormand cards, Universal Life themes, and Tarot Cards respectively.


Emailed Video Readings Answered in 1-5 Days:
*One Question Emailed Video Charm Reading using Alphabet Mat or Spread Best Suited For Your Question = $75

* General Reading emailed Video Charm Casting Reading using Alphabet Mat (4-6 charms) = $125
Live Phone or Video Readings:

*LIVE phone/video One Question Charm Casting Alphabet Mat or Spread Best Suited for Your Question = $95

* LIVE phone/video General Charm Casting Reading Using Alphabet Mat (4-6 charms) = $145

*LIVE phone/video Charm Casting Alphabet Mat Reading including finding out who the Spirit delivering your message is. Usually a loved one who has crossed over, Spirit Guide, etc. or you may ASK to connect to a specific Spirit. I do not guarantee a connection as sometimes Spirit is not ready for several reasons. = $175


Dr. Kristé Sprague, PhD has helped people all over the globe answer pressing questions, connect with their higher selves and reach their desired level of happiness.  She is an intuitive empath and is highly connected to the Archangels. She is happy to help you gain clarity in any area of your life. You can learn more about Kriste: HERE

    Type of Charm Casting Reading:
    What day is best between 8:30-4:30pm EST:
    Price Options
    One-time purchase
    Monthly Readings
    Monthly check in with Dr. Kriste & Spirit for soul guidance.
    $65.00monthly/ 1 month

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