Black Tourmaline Gemstone Hand-Woven Pendant - Energy & Negativity Protection

Black Tourmaline Gemstone Hand-Woven Pendant - Energy & Negativity Protection

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Secure under the dome of Black Tourmaline’s protection, not even the worst energy downer can burst your bubble of positivity. Don’t let the bad vibes of others bring you down.


Crowded areas like subways, malls or concerts can overstimulate your emotional wellbeing. Black Tourmaline crystals are small enough to place in your purse or pocket, so that you’re shielded from negative vibes wherever you go. Whether you’re an empath, who is prone to taking on the negative energy of others, or recent incidents in your life have you feeling especially vulnerable to other people’s moods, this black tourmaline is an investment in spiritual security that you don’t want to go without.

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Material: Black Tourmaline

Handwrapped in leather cord

Adjustable length

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