7 Chakras Crystals & Sterling Silver Bracelet Made w/ Highest Quality Gemstones

7 Chakras Crystals & Sterling Silver Bracelet Made w/ Highest Quality Gemstones

SKU: ced1d6e4
A stone for each chakra. Each chakra vibrates at it's own frequency. Each gemstone also has it's own frequency. Pair this chakra aligning bracelet with your energy field and get an energetic boost. Black Onyx is known as a grounding stone. It helps to defend against negativity that may be directed at the wearer and actually helps to relieve negative feelings as well. It sharpens the senses and fortifies self- confidence. The Garnet focuses on healing the root chakra by creating stability and security. The Carnelian focuses on healing, creativity, intuition, desire and emotion. The Yellow Calcite, the healing energy is focused on intellect, ambition, protection and personal power. The Aventurine focuses on healing the heart bringing compassion, universal consciousness and emotional balance. The Sodalite focuses on healing communication, expression and divine guidance. The Lapis Lazuli focuses on healing intuition, bringing spiritual awareness and psychic power. The Amethyst focuses on bringing enlightenment, energy and protection. HANDMADE WITH LOVE FAST IN USA SHIPPING NOT AVAILABLE OUTSIDE THE USA Bracelet Materials:Genuine Semi Precious AAA Quality Gemstones Strong Elastic Band .7mm Sterling Silver Accents Vermeil Accents Processing Time: 2-3 Days Handmade & shipped with love inside the U.S.A.

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