Telepathic Animal Communicator and Wisdom Keeper Christine Richardson

I am thrilled to have Christine join the Eagle Medicine Team! I know her and her amazing gifts personally and she will blow your mind with her accuracy! Her specialty is Telepathic Animal Communication. She is extremely gifted at helping pets communicate with their owners, helping sick pets and their owners with health questions, the difficult and painful transition to the rainbow bridge, finding lost pets and Mediumship communication with departed pets. At Eagle Medicine Christine is offering:

*Telepathic Animal Communication Emailed Video Reading Within 72 hrs and a follow up  phone call to answer any additional questions after.

*12 Hour Emergency Telepathic Animal Communication Emailed Video Reading with a follow up  phone call to answer any additional questions.

More About Christine's Journey And Her Amazing Work!

Christine  lives on a farm in Canaan, New Hampshire with her partner Kip and 16 sled dogs. She has an MS in Cell Biology but left her 18-year career in science to pursue an MFA in Creative Nonfiction at Bay Path University, write a memoir, and practice shamanism. She describes herself as an outdoor adventurer, retired scientist, dog lover, cancer survivor, Wisdom Keeper, and writer. Christine follows Celtic, Earth-based traditions to connect with Spirit in deep and meaningful ways. She has trained with:

*Jane Burns in Celtic Shamanism

*Maddy Elruna in Tarot 

*Danielle MacKinnon in Telepathic Animal Communication.

She has the gift of being able to travel beyond the mist of everyday reality with her guides of light. She has brought back many messages from not only animals but also of past lives, spirit guides, angels, power animals, and ascended masters for herself and others. She is excited  and ready todayto assist you and your pet on your soul journeys!

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"When I look around me, I see many people struggling to feel a connection and understand their purpose. Many are looking to the world of the unseen for answers, just like I was when I left my job as a scientist in 2012. We know there is something more; we feel it! But it’s confusing at the start. So many voices want to tell us how to think; what to believe. I struggled too until I slowly started to find a connection that was just for me, and that was the key!

I began simply by tuning into birds and animals. Listening telepathically and psychically for messages that they brought to me each day. My dreams intensified, and my power animal, Thunderbird, finally appeared one night in the corner of my bedroom. He showed himself to me as a Golden Eagle the very next day as I ran through the woods with my dogs.  I knew then that Spirit surrounded me, and I started to find teachers. Then, Spirit asked more of me. In 2016, I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer, and Spirit took me to an even deeper place of connection. The forced silence that came with chemotherapy and healing allowed me to establish trust in what I am allowed to see and deepen my shamanic practice.

I am grateful to have found a calling and way of being that transcends everything human and encompasses it too. I am continually challenged by Spirit to offer more and more of myself to helping others on their path. I feel that this is the most important thing I could be doing right now. I am here to help others more deeply connect to their own to their animals, the conscious beings of Nature, and Spirits of non-ordinary reality. I don’t want to create people who are dependent on me, I wish to help people create their own relationships with the Light and Loving Helping Spirits of our Universe." -Christine Richardson

Christine At Work:

Reviews of Christine's Pet Readings:

Rate Christine's Services: 5 Stars!

I turned to Christine because I have a dog with a very deadly cancer and wanted to find out more from his perspective about how to best care for him. I wanted to know if he wanted more surgeries to keep removing the tumors, how much pain he was in, if I should prepare for him to pass soon and more. What I received from Christine was mind blowing! She nailed his personality and our relationship without having met him and shared his wishes moving forward. She said he was not in as much pain and discomfort as I thought. I now have the comfort in knowing that he is still very content and that I can stop worrying so much. When diagnosed the vet said he had 6 months to live. He's now two years beyond that projected time. Christine was right! If I could leave her 10 stars I would! If you want to connect to your pet or animal DO NOT HESITATE to book with Christine for a Pet Reading to hear what they have to say.

Would you recommend Christine: Yes!

Anything to add: I got far more than I expected from my Reading. I was MIND BLOWN!

-Judy Longfeather 7/18/20

Rate Christine's Services: 5 Stars!

Christine was spot on when she relayed to me Traz, my cat, is not only a cool cat but would be in charge of their conversation! Christine did an amazing job delivering my cats messages as well as giving me detailed information. I finally have a starting point to work on his health issues. Thank you Christine for spending time with my precious cat.

Would you recommend Christine: Yes!

Anything to add: Wonderful authentic delivery!

-Karen Sprague 8/7/20

Rate Christine's Services: 5 Stars!

I had asked Christine to find out how our rescue pup, Olive, has been faring over the 5 months we’ve had her and what we could do to help her feel more safe / comfortable.  She seems so anxiety ridden whenever left home alone and it was breaking our hearts to the point of considering medicating her.  Christine was able to clarify that Olive feels lonely, not unsafe, when left home alone and offered us something to try so that Olive can cope when we must leave without her.  Christine also set our hearts at peace when sharing with us that Olive is in contact with our first and beloved pup that passed away last year.  I cannot tell you how much we rejoiced in hearing they have a relationship and that he is still around when we call on him.  It was no surprise hearing he sent Olive to us but Christine’s confirmation of that was music to our ears.  Not only do I highly recommend Christine for gaining insight into your pet’s personality, mission, health, purpose, etcetera, but also for your peace of mind and joy to your heart.  We are deeply grateful to her for sharing her gift with our family.

Would you recomend Christine: YES!

Melissa H., Pennsylvania 8/13/20

Rate Christine's Services: 5 Stars!

I enjoyed that Christine presented the communication with our dog in video form. It made it feel like I was actually having a conversation with her. I contacted Christine to connect with our dog in spirit who recently passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. Since she had hidden her illness so well from us I wanted to know how our dog’s illness progressed from her own perspective. Christine was extremely accurate in her explanation of our dogs behavior during her sudden decline. There was another aspect of the communication that resonated strongly with me. Our dog was only 5 when we had to put her to sleep due to kidney failure, but the vet kept asking us “are you sure she is only 5?” (It was the emergency vet and not our regular vet so she didn’t know her). In the communication when Christine asked our dog why she had to pass away so young, our dog responded “I’m not young.” We got her from a shelter when she was five months old (supposedly). She was always a dog that seemed to age rather quickly. I don’t know if that was because of her illness or that she is an “old soul” as Christine said, but I found it to be a very interesting part of the communication.

Would you recomend Christine: Yes

Heather Joy. Old Town, ME 8/26/20

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