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Dried Witchwood Reiki Infused (Rowan) Berries for Balms, Tinctures & Wine
  • Dried Witchwood Reiki Infused (Rowan) Berries for Balms, Tinctures & Wine

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    Witchwood Trees, also called Rowan and Mountain Ash, have been planted in the entryways of New England homes since the 18th cetury to ward off evil. Witchwood berries (fresh and dried) have numerous metaphysical properties.


    Sustainably and lovingly hand harvested, Vegan and Organic. Hand packed with love and shipped from Maine after Christina infuses them with Reiki.


    Witchwood contains a rich vitamin complex. Dried berries have the properties of a high-vitamin product. Eliminates the deficiency of vitamins, restores strength, has a beneficial effect on depletion of the body, normalizes metabolism, activates the protective pro.


    Witchwood is used in the form of decorations, infusions, tinctures. It is also used as an anti-inflammatory, wound-healing agent.


    For Spiritual Energy Protection of a Living Space:

    ~100-400 grams crushed DRIED Witchwood berries

    ~1-4 lbs of salt (any kind)

    ~Mix together evenly

    ~Sprinkle in a circle around the home, across door threshholds and/or windows to keep negative energy out of your home


    Infusion for Vitamin Deficiency:

    ~2 tbsp (4 grams) crushed DRIED rowan berries

    ~1 tbsp crushegd DRIED rose hips

    ~Pour 0.5 cup boiling water into the blend and leave for 2-3 hours.

    ~Strain, squeeze and consume 30 minutes before meals

    ~2-3 times a day for 1/4 cup.



    ~200g Chopped FRESH berries

    ~Pour in 1 liter vodka & leave for 12 days.

    ~Strain, drink 1 tsp. 3 times a day.


    Broth: (for weakness, anemia, atherosclerosis, low acidity, hemorrhoids)

    ~30g DRIED crushed Witchwood berries

    ~Add to 1.5 cups of boiling water, cook for 5 minutes, then remove from heat

    ~wrap and let stand


    Love Filter:

    *400g of dried and crushed Witchwood berries

    *1 bottle of vodka

    *Gongel them for at least 13 days

    *Put the fruit in a large container

    *Pour 1 L of vodka over and close the jar

    *Leave in the dark

    *Shake every day for a month and fiter

    *Bottle, wait 2 months, then drink!


    Wine of Truth:

    Add to a large sauce pot:

    ~4 L of boiling water

    ~1 kg of ripe, fresh hulled berries

    ~1.3 kg of crystallized sugar

    ~Juice of 2 oranges or lemons

    ~1 packet of yeast(7 gr)

    ~Boil half the water and suger

    ~Pour the berries over+

    ~Crush everything and add the juice of oranges or lemons

    Let cool

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