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"I Am Love" Rose Petal &
Quartz Cleansing Soak 1 Lb - FREE Rose Quartz Pendant
  • "I Am Love" Rose Petal & Quartz Cleansing Soak 1 Lb - FREE Rose Quartz Pendant

    ΤιμήΑπό 21,22$

    Rose Petal and Quartz Healing & Cleansing Bath Soak blend now available!


    This luxurious, holistic, organic, hand made, self soothing and clearing soak will make you feel spoiled from crown chakra to your rose kissed toes!


    Next 25 to order get a FREE Rose Quartz Pendant!


    This is a 1 lb bag that lasts me 3-6 soaks.


    The fine powdered Rose Quartz included is another LUXURIOUS experience. Rose Quartz holds the frequency of love. It causes no problem with plumbing. I feel like a queen in this soak. Enough for up to 3-6 bath soaks.


    Excellent for empaths! Rejuvenates me after a long, emotional day of peopling.


    ⚡️Special Spiritual and Dead Sea Salts for clearing residential energy & negativity from the chakras and aura.


    🌹Hand made with love in Maine in small batches with all natural, organic hand picked roses petals


    🌱 Therapeutic grade Rose & Bergamot essential oils. Rose opens the heart, Bergamot protects it. Melt away in this sensory experience and see where it takes you on on your healing journey.


    🙌🏼 Before packaging, I infuse each package with Reiki Healing before shipping out with love.


    Chemical free




    All Natural




    Maine Made


    Small Batches


    Pure Magnsium


    Pure Essential Oils


    Pure Dead Sea Salt


    Pure Pink Himalayan Salt


    Hand Picked & Dried


    Sustainably Harvested


    Made in Small Batches


    Pink Apothecary Roses Symbolism: Love, Psychic Powers and Healing


    Pink Fairy Roses Symbolism: Helpful in healing a disconnect between heart and mind


    Pink Carolina Roses Symbolism: Love, Psychic Powers and Healing.

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