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Ph. D. In Metaphysics, Dr. Kristé Sprague

Please help me welcome Dr. Kristé to the Eagle Medicine Team! Kristé has helped people all over the globe answer pressing questions, connect with their higher selves and reach their desired level of happiness.  Kristé is an intuitive empath and highly connected to the Archangels. In her twenties and thirties she began studying the mysteries of the universe. Kristé holds a Master’s in Metaphysical Science and a Doctorate in Transpersonal Counseling. Her certifications include Reiki Master, Charm Casting, Angel Therapy and Recovery Coaching to name a few.

"I believe we are happiest when we are our most complete and true selves. As we embark on your personalized journey rooted in traditional wisdom and innovative complementary therapies, you will get in touch with your natural wisdom, truth, passions, peace and joy. Dissolving unnecessary fears and discovering lasting happiness. We all have unlimited potential for healing, health, peace and happiness." says Kristé. Her reading style is honest, compassionate, angelic solution oriented and discrete.  She combines her intuitive senses with magical divination tools, Her Readings are highly detailed and accurate through layering multiple forms of divination tools. 

Special  Live Zoom Event!

Wed. October 7th 6-8pm EST.

 Card and Charm Casting One Question Answer Reading Group Event. Everyone gets a Reading. Only $15 and 15 tickets available!

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Offering Live Phone/Video and Emailed Video Reading Options:

Charm Casting Readings

Charm Casting is form of divination during which charms, small baubles and trinkets are gently tossed across a special chart created to depict different aspects of life. 

Each charm has distinct symbolism, and the area on the chart in which it lands can reveal surprising truths, dish up valuable insight, and even predict the future as it stands at the time of casting. Charms are based on the Lenormand cards, Universal Life themes, and Tarot Cards respectively.

Charm casting helps provide answers around relationships, finances, business/career, personal growth, spirituality, general insight or just about anything you want to know. 

Tea Leaf Readings

Tea Leaf Readings, or Tasseography is a divination method that interprets patterns in tea leaves.

Tea leaf readings are based on the concept of directing energy. When we focus our intention on the tea, the leaves become energetic conduits that are capable of mirroring our experiences including those which have yet to occur. When prompted with a question, the leaves reveal hidden blockages, offer advice, and even forecast the future. These mystical messages are embedded within the wet leaves' shape, density, color, and placement.

It's simple and fun! Enjoy a cup of tea and send me three well-lit pictures of the leaves in your cup. See video for an example and the instructions.  You will receive back a labeled diagram of your tea leaves and a description of what each symbol means.

Card Readings with Kriste

Kriste's Card Readings are beyond basic because we go deeper than just what the cards reveal. I use my intuitive empathic abilities along with my gift to communicate with the Angels to give added clarity and help you reach your highest potential. I may suggest a certain spread based on your question.

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More About Kristé And Her Work

Kristé, like so many, has experienced deep heartache at different times in her life. However, she has always kept her light shining bright. Because she understands the human condition she is supportive to the emotional and mental health of others.

Before studying metaphysics and obtaining her Ph.D. Kristé worked as a labor and delivery Nurse for seven years, a chiropractic assistant and was the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator at University of Maine in Machias for ten years.

Kristé’s passions include charm casting, card readings, teaching, meditating, dancing, hiking, walking in the woods, jogging, yoga, spending time with family and of course lounging with her three adorable cats.

Readings are in email and video format with your choice of live video conferencing or emailed video link. Live videos allow for a deeper discussion while emailed videos and email text/pictures provide a quicker response time.

Kristé is excited to be part of your journey towards deeper discoveries!

Recent Reviews of Dr.  Kristé's Services:

Rate Kriste's Services: 5 Stars!

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality
I need to express how much the Soul Coaching Sessions with Christina & Kristé changed my life. This wonderful 3 month program helped me to increase my clair abilities as I learned to work with my guardian angels and balance my chakras. They both have given me the confidence & understanding of my life path not only as an empath but as a gifted healer. Having the distance reiki sessions weekly and constant communication with both ladies has empowered and shifted my trauma and blockages to the point of complete manifestation.  I now am a proud holistic wellness provider and still get feedback & encouragement from both on my journey.  

Would you recommend Kriste: YES! If you are truly looking for a one of a kind experience please do not hesitate to check their partnership out!

Heather Geiser 9/12/20

Rate Kriste's Services: 5 Stars!

What did you like best about your Reading : I found your reading and delivery to be very on point and kind-I need to listen to it again when I have some designated time. I knew exactly the situation that needed to be moved through, and the support behind the scenes was great to hear. Also, you were spot on regarding needing a support team and a tribe.

Would you recommend Kriste: Yes

-Sam  9/3/20

Rate Kriste's Services: 5 Stars!

Thank you so much, Kristé!!! I appreciate your help tapping into my energy and helping me hear messages from my spirit guides.

Would you recommend Kriste: Yes

-Ashley  9/3/20

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