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3 Month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development & Mentoring
  • 3 Month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development & Mentoring

    ЦенаОт $172,00

    This comprehensive 3 month Intensive Soul Coaching, Spiritual Development, Healing and Mentoring Program is for people ready to dive deep, get to the root of any challenges, overcome them to identify their true purpose, live the greatest version of themselves and walk with confidence towards achieving that.


    This is for people ready to more positively transform their lives, let go of old excuses, have the motivation to be an extremely proactive participant and are open to realigning if necessary. Aligning from within helps us magnetically attract, instead of chase things meant to help us grow and evolve on a soul level and live a fulfilling life.


    Often the things we chase aren't what will help us evolve. Aligning from within ensures that what's attracted is more compatable with the evolution of one's soul. Medium Christina takes it further than just identifying one's purpose. Over 3 months you'll also gain the tools and insights that will help you not just wish for it, but actually manifest it.


    Medium Christina invests a tremendous amount of energy creating and supporting each persons completely individual soul plan. In addition to all the other services and benefits included below, this Soul Coaching Package includes bi-weekly "Soul Work" to complete in between 1:1 appointments.


    Lasting change doesn't happen immediately, so it's broken down into bi-weekly chunks to ensure soul growth progress is continually made from start to end.


    This is an opportunity to benefit from a wide variety of services and healing modalities including but not limited to Spiritual Guidance from one's ancestors and Angels, Past Life Discovery, Energy Healing, Cord Cutting (if necessary), Empath Empowerment Coaching, On Demand Webinars and cognitive behavioral methods with lots of 1:1 support throughout the process to help you transcend into the best version of yourself.



    *Bi-weekly 1:1 45 minute Soul Coaching, Spiritual Guidance, Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides, Empath Discovery, Spirit Animal Discovery Sessions (45 mins each) every two weeks (total of 6 sessions) with international Healer and Spiritual Psychic Medium Christina Dawn Eagle ($720 value)


    *6 Bi-weekly "Soul Goals" with new goals and things to work on and practice every 2 weeks with Christina. Be ready to dive deep within your soul, be able to be brutally honest with yourself to transcend, grow and heal. Includes text/email support between 1:1's. ($600 value)


    *One hour 1:1 Reiki Master Distant Healing, Chakra/Aura Checkup & (if necessary) Cord Cutting Energy Session with Medium Christina via Zoom. Video session can be downloaded. ($177 value)


    *Weekly email mentoring support ($300 value)


    *Daily text mentoring support from Christina via WhatsApp. ($600 value)] *Download of Medium Christina's "How To Heal The Chakras Yourself (1-14) PDF Packet full of TONS of healing resources for each chakra. ($9.99 value)


    *Access to Medium Christina's On-Demand Video Webinars:

    1. Empowered Empath Healing Workshop" ($29.99 value)

    2. Complete Guide To The Chakras." ($27.77 value)

    3. 7 Steps For Empaths To Go From Overwhelmed to Empowered ($29.99 value)


    *Medium Christina's Chakra Healing Guided Soul Meditation ($25 value) TOTAL VALUE: $2520

    SALE PRICE: $1555




    *If developing psychic/medium abilities, receive guidance & learn how to tap into & use your gifts.

    *If Awakening, get plenty of Spiritual counseling support & guidance.

    *If trauma holds you back, gain tools to overcome & heal.

    *If a budding Lightworker, figure out your purpose & how to get started.

    *Non-judgemental support to overcome a blockage/challenge.

    *For empaths in a narcissist relationship, become empowered.

    *If you're discouraged & want to change everything receive insights to guide you.

    *If you experienced childhood trauma, help, healing support & guidance.

    *If you're a struggling Empath, learn to understand & use your gifts to become empowered.

    *For Lightworkers starting a business, Learn how to get started and gain important tools for success. I'll share my secrets, you put in the work to get the results.

    *Guidance & support If you had/have paranormal experiences & don't understand why or what it means.

    *Help, support & tools for mediums struggling w/energy boundaries & how to protect it.

    *Mentorship if you've been masking or trying to ignore your empath, psychic or mediumship abilities & are now ready to open.

    *If it's been hard to meet life goals, get help & practice setting and successfully achieving them.

    *If you're having a midlife crisis, what it means, support, guidance on what to do next.

    *Help & support if you're stuck in an abusive or loveless relationship

    *Support & guidance if you're doing shadow work.

    *Help if you're a hsp struggling with addiction or eating disorder to cope.

    Опции за цена
    Еднократна покупка
    $1 555,00
    10 Weekly Payments
    $172,00всяка седмица в продължение на 10 седмици
    3 Month Payment Plan
    $535,00всеки месец в продължение на 3 месеца
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